Anxiety Treatments

At the Smile Spa, Stockton we don’t want you to feel nervous or anxious about your dental treatment, so to ensure your comfort we offer a selection of anxiety treatments.


One option patients often go for is NuCalm, anxiety treatment which is a safe, proven system that quickly and effectively relaxes you without using narcotics or controlled substances.

NuCalm is less risky than dental sedation techniques. Most patients experience deep relaxation within 3‑5 minutes. Once your dental procedure is completed, you can leave immediately with no side effects, no recovery time needed, and no impairment. You will leave your dental appointment feeling relaxed and rejuvenated!

Here’s Judith’s, of Ingleby Barwick, Stockton review of NuCalm:

“Previously, visits to the dentist left me with tension in my shoulders, neck and arms from the anxiety I felt about having treatment. I would occasionally jump out of the chair I was that nervous. Mrs Andrews recommended I try NuCalm and now I won’t have treatment without it. It creates a wonderful calming feeling, in fact I almost fell asleep! The headphones play classical music and the dark glasses help to relax. After treatment I felt refreshed and now look forward to coming to the dentist (well as much as you can!) and the refreshed feeling I have afterwards.”

Here’s what Karen, of Hartlepool had to say about her experience of Nu Calm:

“It was fantastic! As a nervous patient with a strong gag reflex, I first tried NuCalm whilst undergoing in-spa whitening treatment. With NuCalm the time flew and I was completely relaxed. The rest of the team thought I was asleep!  My second experience of NuCalm was to help me relax whilst having an implant placement. The thought of the drill made me really anxious, to be absolutely honest, I was terrified! But once again, within moments I was completely relaxed. It really is amazing, I would definitely recommend to everyone!”

Intravenous Sedation

Intravenous dental sedation is the use of drugs through a needle in a vein (a drip) to make you feel sleepy and less anxious. The drugs may actually make you sleep, but not too deeply. Often the drugs make you forget what has happened.

The benefits of IV sedation are:

  • IV sedation tends to be the method of choice if you don’t want to be aware of the procedure – you “don’t want to know”, due to complete amnesia.
  • The gag reflex is hugely diminished – people receiving IV sedation rarely experience difficulties with gagging.

After IV Sedation, you will require a chaperone to ensure you go home safely and rest quietly for the rest of the day. You must not drive, operate any machinery which carry a risk of injury, drink alcohol or sign important documents for 24 hours after sedation.

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