Many patients choose to have dental implants to improve or restore their smile. It's a big decision for anyone, both in terms of cost and the surgery required, so we've put together this smile gallery to help you get a better feel for the transformations that can take place. 

    Scott's Smile

    Scott has had a crown since he was ten, when he had knocked a tooth out but he cracked it on holiday in Spring last year. Since then he has had trouble trying to find a good fix for this and was eventually referred to The Smile Spa by a friend. He has thoroughly enjoyed the experience and found all staff to be fantastic. The surgery was better than he had ever thought and he loves his new smile.


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    Alexandra's Smile

    Alexandra came to see us as a 51 year old woman who had lost her smile and felt miserable. She had 4 front crowns, fillings, teeth missing and receding gums. After an awful experience at a dentists 20 years ago, it took until 2 years ago to visit again to ask for help with her old crowns and receding gums. The dentist then took pictures and said she would send them off to see if anyone within the area could do anything with them. The answer that came back was no! She has never been back to a dentists since. 

    Alexandra was so disappointed as after 20 something years, she had plucked up the courage to go back to a dentist only to be told there was nothing that could be done. Although she didn’t know what she wanted, we knew we could help once and for all. We discussed implants or dentures for the spaces at the back of her mouth as well as addressing the main issue of gum health. In the end Alexandra decided implants and a course of perio gum treatments was the best path forward for her and is amazed with the results! 


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    Wayne's Smile

    Wayne had hit his mouth on a door frame resulting in him losing three teeth and he wanted to have implants for a long term solution. He struggled with his partial denture and had lost confidence in himself. Wayne leads an active life running and playing football etc, and him losing his teeth had stopped him. We were able to turn this around and give Wayne a longer term and more practical solution that allowed him to continue enjoying life to the max.





    Sally's Smile

    Sally came to see us as she was aware that she had neglected things over the last three years as she was constantly travelling and living abroad for most of the year. She had always looked after her teeth and had regular 6/12 month check ups until the last few years. Sally didn’t really have confidence with Chinese dentists and had heard about us via her husband’s employee.

    While Sally was back in the UK she felt the time was ideal to have treatment. She was struggling to function as she was missing posterior teeth and had a lot of wear on her anteriors. In order to deliver Sally's goals of an even, natural smile and fill in gaps she knew implants were the best option for her. This was combined with a smile makeover to create this stunning new smile.


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