Implant therapy is prescribed for people that have one, multiple or all of their teeth missing. People with multiple or all of their teeth missing typically have complete or partial dentures; this treatment option is called Overdentures. Overdentures are replacement teeth retained by dental implants.

Geoff's Smile

Geoff’s upper teeth were unsalvageable, so after extractions they were healed for 3 months before placing implants. Dentures were produced which then clipped onto the implants to provide Geoff with a secure, confident smile.


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Hannah's  Smile

Hannah had been referred to us for a full upper and lower clearance and immediate dentures to be fitted under sedation due to Hannah being so nervous.

Hannah was keen to consider either upper and lower partial dentures or full upper and lower conventional dentures with Chris depending on what teeth needed to be extracted. 

Hannah went ahead with an implant overdenture to resolve her failing teeth and now has a smile she is proud of once again.


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