Mottled Smile

Mottling occurs for various reasons and can be removed using whitening, bleaching or veneers.

    Lucy's mottled Smile

    Lucy was unhappy with the gaps between upper teeth. She had previously had orthodontic treatment but was still not happy with the end result.

    Lucy had stopped wearing her retainer around 18 months ago and was keen to consider direct composite veneers. To achieve Lucy's desired goals of improved shade, dental health and gap removal we offered a combination of perio and smile makeover techniques.


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    Katie's mottled Smile

    Katie’s staining was caused by tetracycline. This was an ingredient that was used in children's medicines but is no longer an issue. To resolve this mottling case we used some white porcelain veneers which created an even, bright smile for Katie that she could enjoy.


    Katie Before 09 08 05 009


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    Melissa's mottled Smile

    Melissa’s mottled smile was caused by tetracycline staining. Her teeth were also uneven, showing quite a gummy smile. Porcelain veneers and laser contouring created this brilliant smile.


    Melissa Before Dscf121



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