“I haven’t always had a smile like this” 

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Smile Makeover

Smile makeover

Ashleigh's Treatment

* Ashleigh chose Composite Veneers as a more tooth-kind option over Porcelain Veneers

* Dr Kim Taylor completed Ashleigh’s treatment following an initial cosmetic consultation and the whole process took less than 8 weeks

Want to know more?... take a look at Ashleigh's full video testimonial below.

    Ashleigh's Story

    Ashleigh was always happy with the appearance of her smile until she had an infection which resulted in a new crown being placed. From this point she was never quite happy with her smile as her upper left tooth was much bigger than her upper right.

    After completing university where she studied dancing, Ashleigh was really keen to have a nice smile as she was planning on moving to London to work. Ashleigh’s smile was affecting her confidence and she would often shy away from photographs and was very conscious what her smile would look like.

    In her free smile consultation we learnt that Ashleigh was looking for a brighter, whiter smile and to balance out her upper teeth. To improve the overall appearance of Ashleigh’s smile our smile team focused on some basic perio and hygiene treatments, before completing the restorative elements of her treatment plan including crown fits and whitening then finishing off with some beautifully crafted composite veneers.

    At the end of her treatment Ashleigh was thrilled with the final results and she is so happy she came for the initial consultation as she now has a smile she can be proud of.