“I haven’t always had a smile like this” 

 Meet the real patients and learn more about their own individual stories in our new ‘Smile Like this’ advertising campaign.

Check out Vickie's tv advert and full journey below.

Smile Makeover

Smile makeover





Vickie's Treatment

* Vickie's personal treatment plan included a course of gum treatment, laser gum contouring, teeth whitening and a smile makeover featuring ten veneers

* Any existing restorations were removed and re-prepped to ensure a long term solution was achieved 

Want to know more?... take a look at Vickie's full video testimonial below.

    Vickie's Story

    Vickie came to The Smile Spa as she played Hockey a lot when she was younger so a lot of her teeth had been shattered and she simply wanted them making better.

    A lot of Vickie's family have had treatment at the practice and the experience was just brilliant- "it felt like being with family every time I visited."

    The speed of the whole process was amazing and to have the work all completed in just a few weeks was fantastic given Vickie's busy work and family life.

    Vickie get compliments everywhere she goes now and people always ask if they are natural or not as her veneers look so much like her own and they were crafted personally to the exact shade and shape Vickie was looking for.

    The new found confidence has changed Vickie's life -she just smiles every day and has even changed the things she wears as a result so couldn't be happier.