Full Dentures

There are various types of dentures including full sets and partial plates. Our experienced treatment coordinators will suggest the best option that suits your personal needs and requirements.

    Winston's Smile

    Winston was very unhappy with his lower implant over denture. He had a full lower denture for around four years now, is unable to eat certain foods and constantly has to use Fixodent as his lower denture is so loose.

    Winston finds it very hard to eat in company as he gets food trapped and has to take denture out several times a day.

    After seeing Chris Egan he can't believe the difference to his quality of life now he has a high quality denture that allows him to enjoy his favourite foods again!


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    Kelly's Smile

    Kelly has had dentures before but never felt they had quite fitted properly or worked for her. It took Kelly 3 years to finally get in touch with The Smile Spa after seeing our Tv advert, but now she just wishes she had done it sooner as she is over the moon with her amazing new denture. 

    ' The whole team made me feel incredible and are so friendly it is like visiting family. I will never be nervous again and can't wait to come back for my hygiene appointments!'. 


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