Crooked and Uneven Smiles

Crooked smiles can be straightened using veneers or orthodontic treatment.

    Ian's Crooked and discoloured Smile

    Ian simply wanted more confidence in his smile. He admitted he has never been happy with the colour of his teeth and over the last few years it has got a lot worse. After a lot of chatting we learnt that the patient was also unhappy with the shape of his teeth – he had been told he has toothbrush abrasion and is worried he will lose his teeth.

    To address the shape, colour and confidence Ian decided on a treatment plan centered around perio treatments, smile designs and veneers.


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    Frank's uneven Smile

    The appearance of an uneven smile line caused concern for Frank. A straight, Hollywood bright smile was produced using porcelain veneers on both upper and lower teeth.




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    Alan's Crooked Smile

    Alan endured a course of perio and hygiene treatments at the start of his journey with us to improve his overall oral health. The was followed by some much needed tlc to his general dentistry and crowns etc. Alan's smile was completed with a smile makeover featuring porcelain veneers.


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