Implant Overdentures

Losing all your teeth can have a devastating impact on the quality of your life. Wearing ill fitting dentures can often lead to reduced chewing capacity and a low self esteem. When all conventional solutions of retaining your denture have failed and you rely on fixatives in an attempt to retain your dentures then it is time to consider denture stabilisation. 

Overdentures dentures supported by implants, function and look like natural teeth. The greatest advantage of any implant supported denture is your restored self confidence and being able to eat, laugh and talk again without inhibitions.

Overdentures or denture stabilisation as it can also be known, is achieved by securing the denture on two or more implants using mechanical anchors which retain the denture in a very secure way. This also makes it possible to reduce the area of the mouth covered with the denture, especially in the upper jaw. Patients describe this type of fixing as clipping them in on press studs.

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