Gummy Smile

gummy smile is a smile that shows an excessive amount of gum under the upper lip. ... You may be diagnosed with a gummy smile if you have more than a couple millimeters of exposed gingiva—the gum tissue between your teeth and upper lip

    Ashleigh's gummy Smile

    Asheligh had been doing a lot of research and she thought we may be able to help. After years of wanting treatment to improve the gum line and to have a perfect smile Asheligh has explored invisalign etc and had several discussions with routine dentists and she knows its not enough. She disliked the appearance of her gummy smile and she wasn’t a perfect white smile. Ashleigh also wanted to be treated by somebody that specialises in this type of cosmetic dentistry.

    We offered various treatments including crown lengthening and veneers to help craft Ashleigh's forever smile.


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    Yvonne's gummy smile

    This patient was keen to be guided by the experts and is open to suggestions as she had no real idea as to how she could improve her smile but she knows she wants to do something. Yvonne disliked the colour of her teeth and was aware she had some recession and she doesn’t believe whitening will be enough for her. She also felt her smile was narrow and she disliked the position of her front teeth.

    Yvonne was keen to explore options that could improve the health and appearance of her smile. She was concerned about her receding gums and wanted to have a healthy smile. To  improve overall gum health, brighten the shade of her teeth and create a more attractive neater smile we recommended gum orgmentation, onlays and veneers. 


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