Gappy Smile

Gappy smiles can be evened through orthodontic or cosmetic treatment depending on the individual case.

    Jack's gappy Smile

    This patient had lots of teeth removed when he was younger for orthodontic reasons and had a fixed brace. Jack wore his retainer for one year but then stopped and as a result he had noticed the spaces have appeared and they seem to be getting bigger. Jack also disliked the size of the uppers as he thought they are quite narrow.

    In order to achieve Jack's desired goals of wider teeth and a straighter, whiter gap-free smile we offered a smile makeover treatment plan built around veneers and whitening.


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    Scott's gappy Smile

    Scott was keen to improve his smile as he was missing two upper teeth and wanted the healthiest option he could get given his young age. Scott had come to see us as he was now in a position to start treatment for this, and he was willing to change his car etc if necessary to fund treatment as improving his smile would be with him for longer and make a huge difference to his life.

    After discussing lots of options with Scott including Invisalign braces and 6 Month Smile, he decided the best route for him was a Smile Makeover.


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