Single Tooth Restorations

You may only have one tooth that requires attention but a single tooth restoration can make a huge difference to your smile confidence. 

One of the most difficult things to do in dentistry are single tooth restorations. We don't only treat large complex cases but also happily restore a smile through addressing one single tooth or smaller need to create a lovely new smile.

    Kitty's Smile

    Kitty had her crown fitted over 30 years ago by her dentist and was never truly happy. After visiting The Smile Spa, Simon suggested she had the crown replaced and afterwards, a course of whitening to brighten her smile. ‘After 30 years I finally feel like I have my tooth back. I’ve never had the urge to hug a dentist before but felt it was necessary. I think I shocked Simon though!”


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    Elena's Smile

    Elena’s treatment involved teeth whitening plus a root filling and a post and crown on her right lateral incisor to complete her upper smile.


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