Pegged Teeth

The term “Peg lateral” refers to an anomaly affecting the upper lateral incisors which causes these teeth to be abnormally small in size or even 'pointy' compared to their usual more rectangular shape. Peg laterals may occur on just one or on both sides of a patient's mouth.

    Susan's pegged Smile

    Susan came to have a consult with us as she was bothered by her uneven wear affecting the shape of her teeth, staining and hairline fractures. Susan had a smile makeover with Simon and thinks her new smile is just incredible!


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    Dawn's twisted Smile

    Small, twisted teeth with a gap at the side were transformed into a beautiful smile with ten porcelain veneers. Dawn’s smile reached the finals in Private Dentistry’s Best Smile Makeover UK which we are all very proud of. 


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    Dawn After 30 5 07 011

    Jack's Smile

    Jack works off shore but he had always wanted a Hollywood smile to straighten and whiten his mis-shaped teeth. Jack doesn’t like waiting for anything and he once he has his mind made up he just wants to do it straight away! Simon spruced up Jack's smile with a makeover to improve his chipped, rotated small teeth and replace them with beaming new veneers.


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