Missing Teeth

Many people wonder what their options are to replace missing teeth. We offer a wide range of treatments including dentures, dental bridges and dental implants.

    Hannah's Smile

    Due to financial reasons, Hannah was unable to consider implants so was keen to consider either upper and lower partial dentures or full upper and lower conventional dentures with Chris, depending on what teeth are extracted. Hannah went ahead and had some overdentures fitted with us to fill the gaps in her smile and is now beaming from ear to ear.


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    Ronnie's Smile

    Ronnie didn’t know what he wanted or what we could do but was keen to be guided and wanted to improve the appearance of his smile. Ronnie had never liked his teeth and felt now was the right time for him to do something for himself. Ronnie was aware he had a gappy smile, uneven and dark teeth and wanted to improve everything in the best way possible. He also felt he was too old for braces so we introduced veneers and bonding techniques to Ronnie instead. He loved the idea of veneers and wouldn’t be phased by any preparation work needed if it will improve things. It had been a few years since Ronnie had seen a dentist but he hadn’t had any problems and wasn’t aware of anything that may concern us. After having a smile makeover with Simon, Ronnie felt he finally had the smile he has always wanted.


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    Sally's  Smile

    Sally was aware she had neglected things over the last 3 years as she has been constantly travelling and living abroad for most of the year. Sally has always looked after her teeth and had regular 6/12 exams. Sally had heard about us via her husband’s employee and as she is home for the next few weeks she felt it was the ideal time to have treatment with us at last. Sally was struggling to function as she had missing posterior teeth and a lot of wear on her anteriors. We achieved Sally's dream smile through a combination of new crowns, veneers, implants and composite build ups.


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