Broken and Chipped Teeth

If patients are struggling with a chipped or worn smile we can easily re-build not only your smile but your self-esteem.

    Jack's worn and chipped Smile

    Jack came to see us as he felt his teeth were chipped and worn and had discoloured with age- he wanted to do something quickly to improve the look. Jack just wanted things to look better and to finally get some treatment that will last.

    After a discussion with our treatment coordinator, Jack was keen to have a smile makeover of some sort to improve his smile but he also wanted it sorted in a set timescale to fit around work commitments. Simon managed to make this happen through the use of veneers after a course of perio to ensure the patient was dentally fit. 


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    Judith's chipped Smile

    Judith hated the fact that her uppers overlapped her lower teeth. She also had prominent canines but these didn’t really bother her too much. Initially Judith said it was the position of the teeth that she really wanted to improve but after lots of chatting we both realised it was also the colour that Judith wanted to focus on.

    We discussed orthodontic treatments and veneers as options, however the patient decided in this case that ortho wasn’t for her and chose to go for veneers to help with her cross over and shade concerns.


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