Worn Smiles

Worn teeth replaced with porcelain veneers

Disappointed that her NHS dentist couldn’t fix her problems, Elaine came to The Smile Spa. Keeping a natural appearance, porcelain veneers created a balanced and beautiful smile.

Worn Smile Replaced with porcelain veneers

This gentleman was concerned that when he was stressed he clenched and grinded his teeth, which caused a great deal of wear. He wanted a whiter but natural looking smile and to improve the evenness of his smile.Porcelain veneers were the ideal option to provide a natural, brighter smile. With the skill of our master ceramicist, the artistry of the veneers is outstanding and the patient is very happy.

worn 8

Patricia was delighted to finally have confidence in her smile. New crowns and implants were placed on posterior teeth, whilst whitening and composite bonding evened her visible smile line.

Worn SmileAndrew had worn his smile over a number of years, through grinding and lost confidence in his smile. He wanted to improve his smile whilst retaining a natural look. Dr Simon Andrews placed porcelain veneers on Andrew’s upper front 4 teeth, which have transformed his smile and confidence.

worn 7

This gentleman disliked his short, worn teeth. Porcelain veneers were used to add length and produced an even, confident smile.

worn smile and dentureThis gentleman had just had a denture made at his own dentist which didn’t fit properly. He was unable to eat or talk properly and he was in discomfort. He had never had a lower partial denture and his lower teeth were badly worn.  Our Denture Technician produced a new upper denture and a lower chrome denture whilst the remaining lower teeth were build up with new crowns and composite material. he is now a very happy man who can speak and eat properly and with out pain.


Worn teeth are usually a result of a poor occlusal bite. Which means the teeth do not bite together correctly, causing wear.  This gentleman had worn, discoloured teeth. With the aid of porcelain veneers, Simon created a fuller, whiter smile.

worn 3

This gentleman lacked smile confidence which is evident from his starting photograph in the top left. The teeth were worn and required some periodontal therapy to ensure the gums were in great health for placing veneers. We now have a much more confident and very smiley gentleman!

Alan - extreme wear

Referred by his own dentist, Alan’s mouth had a lot of old, failing dentistry which required complex treatment planning. The treatment plan included: root canal treatment, dental implants, new crowns, veneers and a course of periodontal therapy. A healthy happy smile has now been restored.