• Dr Simon Andrews LDS FFGDP RCS GDC No. 55400 Dentist

    Dr Simon Andrews LDS FFGDP RCS Dentist

    Simon Andrews has extensive and training and knowledge of aesthetic dentistry. He has trained with some of the world’s leading aesthetic and restorative dentists including Nasser Barghi, Larry Rosenthal, Pascal and Michel Magne and many more. He was winner of the Private Dentistry Best Smile Makeover Awards in 2006, Runner-Up in 2007 and shortlisted in 2008. Since 2009, Simon has been invited to join the judging panel at the prestigious National Smile Awards. He is a member of the BDA (British Dental Association), AACD (American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry), BACD (British Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry) and BSOS (British Society of Occlusal Studies). He was a practice advisor with Denplan, the country’s leading supplier of private dental care, for 12 years.

  • Dr Greg Cadman BDS GDC No. 103388 Dentist

    Dr Greg Cadman BDS Dentist

    Greg is experienced in cosmetic dentistry, implant dentistry and Quick Straight Teeth orthodontics. He has undertaken the Implant Diploma from the faculty of General Dental Practitioners and is a mentor for training dentists in dental implantology having placed over 750 implants since he began implant placement over 8 years ago.

    Greg was named the Leading Provider of Quick Straight Teeth in the UK for 2014. He is also experienced in advanced facial aesthetics and wrinkle reduction procedures.

  • Dr Susan Andrews BDS LDS RCS Eng FFGDP GDC No. 55486 Dentist

    Dr Susan Andrews BDS LDS RCS Eng FFGDP Dentist

    Susan Andrews qualified at Guy’s Hospital in 1981. Whilst continuing to acquire further postgraduate qualifications and developing her skills in cosmetic dentistry. Susan focuses on offering relaxing, pain free dental care, using the most modern techniques and equipment such as air abrasion and laser treatment. Susan also provides advanced facial rejuvenation treatment including wrinkle relaxing injections, Dermaroller and dermal fillers. She is also able to help patients to stop snoring. She is a member of the Crown Council and Association of Facial Aesthetics (AFA) and a judge at the National Smile Awards.

  • Dr John Turner BDS MSc FRSM GDC No. 44418 Dentist

    Dr John Turner BDS MSc FRSM Dentist

    John qualified at Sheffield in 1970.He has a special interest in endodontics and periodontology and furthered his knowledge by undertaking further training in Endodontics at the Eastman Institute and has been awarded an MSc in periodontology with merit. John is an associate member of American Association of Endodontics and the American Association of Periodontology.

  • Dr David Veige DD, BDS, MJDF (RCS Eng.) MSc. Implant Dentistry GDC No. 150180 Dentist

    Dr David Veige DD, BDS, MJDF (RCS Eng.) MSc. Implant Dentistry Dentist

    Originally from Toronto Ontario, Canada, David qualified from the University of Newcastle with a distinction in academic dentistry and the top restorative dentistry prize. He was shortlisted for the Young Dentist of the Year UK at The Dentistry Awards in 2009 and has been awarded membership to the Royal College of Surgeons Joint Dental Faculty by way of examination.
    He graduated with merit from the University of Manchester with a Masters of Science degree in Implant Dentistry and since has placed hundreds of implants. He is a member of the ITI (International Team for Implantology) an organisation focused on advancing the science of implant dentistry.

  • Dr Wendy Cole BDS MSc (Clin Perio) GDC No. 65780 Dentist

    Dr Wendy Cole BDS MSc (Clin Perio) Dentist

    Wendy graduated from Bristol University in 1990 and following vocational training has worked exclusively in general practices in Leeds, Huddersfield and Ripon. Wendy is responsible for providing surgical and non-surgical periodontal therapy for the treatment of periodontal disease, and surgical periodontal treatment in its relationship to cosmetic dentistry. Wendy has formalised her interest in periodontics and gained a diploma in Clinical Periodontology in 2009 and completed her MSc in 2010. For many years Wendy has had a keen interest in treating anxious patients and provides sedation for advanced surgical procedures as well as general dentistry.

  • Dr Susan Hunter BDS cert Restorative Dentistry GDC No. 81854 Dentist

    Dr Susan Hunter BDS cert Restorative Dentistry Dentist

    Susie qualified at Newcastle in 2003. On graduating Susie was awarded the James Coltman prize for operative dentistry. She has a special interest in Invisalign and is fully certified with Platinum Invisalign status. Also interested in cosmetic dentistry, Susie has furthered her knowledge by undertaking a year, long certification in Restorative dentistry and is also sedation qualified.

  • Dr Kim Taylor BDS MSc (Aes Dent.) GDC No. 103350 Dentist

    Dr Kim Taylor BDS MSc (Aes Dent.) Dentist

    Kim graduated from the University of Newcastle Upon Tyne with a Distinction in Clinical Dentistry in 2006. She has since undertaken extensive postgraduate training in the field of Cosmetic Dentistry including being one of the first dentists internationally to undertake a Masters Degree in Aesthetic Dentistry at Kings College London and in her first year, being awarded the Aesthetic Dentistry Prize. Kim won a MyFaceMyBody award in November 2012, with votes from consumers as well as a mystery shopper’s experience contributing to her success. The criteria used included: being at the forefront of the industry, history of work and academic achievements and ensuring the best results are achieved. Kim believes that aesthetics is a personal, subjective concept and only by working closely with the patient can you achieve their ideal goals.

    Kim is a Council Member and Lecturer for The International Academy of Advanced Facial Aesthetics, Senior Instructor for the internationally renowned Dr Bob Khanna Training Institute, and previously a Clinical Instructor for The Royal College of Surgeons Aesthetic Masterclass.

  • Chris Egan RDT Dip Lds, CDT Dip Rcs Eng. GDC No. 119949 Clinical Dental Technician

    Chris Egan RDT Dip Lds, CDT Dip Rcs Eng. Clinical Dental Technician

    Chris qualified with a Diploma in Dental Technology at Leeds in 1984, he regularly attends dental seminars to advance his career and has recently completed CDT. RCS. course in London. For the last 20 years his passion and knowledge in prosthetics has enabled him to manage patient referrals on a regular basis to help with difficult or demanding cases, his extensive knowledge in both clinical and technical denture construction can be seen at his various lectures to clinical groups.

  • Fiona Legarth RDH RDT GDC No. 129808 Hygiene Therapist

    Fiona Legarth RDH RDT Hygiene Therapist

    My dental career started in 1992 when I qualified as a dental nurse in New Zealand. It was a job that I loved but I wanted to travel and see the world so I began travelling in 1995 and arrived in the UK and never really left. I completed my Hygiene and Therapy training at Leeds University, qualifying in 2007 with distinction and have worked for a number of practices in North Yorkshire. I started working at The Smile Spa in January 2012 and enjoy being part of lovely, friendly team who are committed to excellent patient care. I particularly enjoy treating anxious patients, building their confidence and making a difference to their oral and overall wellbeing. Away from work I love walking and travelling. I climbed Kilimanjaro last year for dental charity Bridge2aid. I also enjoy nights out with friends and family.

  • Lizbeth Paynter RDH GDC No. 2905 Hygienist

    Lizbeth Paynter RDH Hygienist

    I qualified in 1985 from Glasgow and I’ve been working with Simon since 1999. What’s great about the Smile Spa, is that the Hygienist services are integral to the success. Our regular patients appreciate the services we offer and the tips on how to maintain great oral health. That’s my favourite part, meeting people and seeing the improvement in their oral health, its great job satisfaction. Away from the practice I’m busy with two teenage children and my husband. We like to spend time together as a family and enjoy travelling, with a splash of shopping on the side!

  • Lycia Middleton RDH GDC No. 4006 Hygienist

    Lycia Middleton RDH Hygienist

    I qualified in 1990 at Newcastle, joining The Smile Spa some years later in 2007. I work in a number of practices purely because I’m loyal to my patients, but I do enjoy my days at The Smile Spa. The working environment is absolutely gorgeous and the patients are lovely. It’s great to see people who are interested in maintaining their oral health. I also get to meet a lot of interesting people. As I’m usually quite busy at work, I enjoy the peace and quiet of home with my partner. We enjoy travelling and visiting family.

  • Janet Snaith RDH GDC No. 5988 Hygienist

    Janet Snaith RDH Hygienist

    I qualified in 2001 at Newcastle, and worked in a number of practices before settling at The Smile Spa. I enjoy working here as it has given me the opportunity to extend my services for example, I am now involved in providing whitening treatment. The team are really warm and friendly and the patients are well motivated, so it’s a great place to work. I enjoy family time with my husband and young daughter but like to get out with friends every now and then, for a good catch up.

  • Samantha Trotter RDN GDC No. 128636 Treatment Co-ordinator

    Samantha Trotter RDN Treatment Co-ordinator

    I qualified in 2004 and joined the Smile Spa in June 2006. I love working with the team and having the opportunity to meet so many new and interesting people. I used to nurse and cover reception but now I concentrate being a Treatment Co-ordinator full time. I love the challenge of learning new things and am willing to give most things a try! Outside of work, I’m a home bird, enjoying socialising with family and friends.

  • Sharon Iredale RDSA GDC No. 128631 Senior Receptionist

    Sharon Iredale RDSA Senior Receptionist

    I graduated in 1988 at New College, Durham. I have a wide range of dental nursing experience, but have found my experience at The Smile Spa, the most enjoyable. We are all valued and appreciated which makes a big difference in a working environment. The variety of patients we meet ensures that we are constantly challenged. I have also completed dental radiography training to widen my skill set. I have 2 daughters and love spending time with them. We go to netball, ice hockey and of course Shopping!

  • Nuala Dougan RDN GDC No. 128630 Dental Nurse

    Nuala Dougan RDN Dental Nurse

    I qualified from Newcastle sometime ago and joined the Smile Spa in 2006. I love getting involved with the patients and being on the go all the time. We’re not just dental nurses, as we get involved in procedures, we are so much more involved than regular dental nurses. We are encouraged to do more and learn more. I just love my job, I love everyday as soon as I drive in I smile! Outside of work, its wine, beer and men and why not! I’m also getting to grips with the cello and salsa dancing.

  • Becki Weetman RDN GDC No. 180182 Dental Nurse and Marketing Assistant

    Becki Weetman RDN Dental Nurse and Marketing Assistant

    I qualified as a dental nurse in 2009 after completing a BTEC in Health & Social Care, the placement at a dental practice convinced me that nursing was right for me and I’ve never looked back. I’ve worked in a few dental practices in Teesside but I knew The Smile Spa was going to be totally different and I was going to enjoy it. The team work is amazing and it’s like working with family instead of coming into work. When I’m not working I love to socialise with friends, eating out and going to the cinema. A lot my friends have children so I join them and enjoy watching the children grow.

  • Emma Watson RDN GDC No. 185044 Dental Nurse RDN

    Emma Watson RDN Dental Nurse RDN

    I qualified as a dental nurse in 2009. After completing my A-levels I planned on going to University but decided on doing something hands on in the health care sector and found Dental Nursing was right for me. I really enjoy working at The Smile Spa as I have the opportunity to work in specialised areas which aren’t always available in general practice. The team are fantastic and everyone works together. I really enjoy helping the patients and calming anxious patients. It’s great to see their confidence grow during their journey. Outside of work I enjoy spending time with my friends and family.

  • Rachel Mulloy RDN GDC No. GDC No. 140095 Dental Nurse

    Rachel Mulloy RDN Dental Nurse

    I am a qualified dental nurse, radiographer and oral health educator, having worked as a dental nurse since I was 16, which was a few years ago now, but I’ve never looked back. I love working in a dental environment and in particular meeting new people on a daily basis.

    Outside of work I enjoy keeping fit, eating out (which is why I need to keep fit) reading and socialising with friends.

  • Natasha Clarke GDC No. 200444 Dental Nurse

    Natasha Clarke Dental Nurse

    I qualified as a dental nurse in 2010 with the North East Chamber of Commerce. I previously worked in general dental practice for 6 years which I thoroughly enjoyed and gained valuable experience however I have always wanted to work in a private dental practice. Joining The Smile Spa was the best career choice I have made. The Smile Spa is a great place to work and the team are fantastic, everyone is very welcoming and the effort everyone makes to delivering high standard of care is brilliant. I feel proud to be part of The Smile Spa team, I thoroughly enjoy meeting new people and helping them along their journey.

    Outside of work I enjoy spending time with my fiancé Alex and new addition to the family, our first child Charlie. I also enjoy spending time with friends, eating out, going to the cinema and the occasional family holiday.

  • Rebecca Jackson GDC No. 240052 Dental Nurse

    Rebecca Jackson Dental Nurse

    I qualified in 2012 and previously worked within a NHS practice.

    I enjoy working at The Smile Spa as a lot more care and attention is given to patients. I particularly enjoy working with anxious patients and helping them through treatments, seeing them leaving the practice with a smile on their face is great job satisfaction

    Outside of work I enjoy spending time with friends and family. I have just recently moved in with my boyfriend so I’m currently learning to be a domestic goddess!

  • Lucy Owen GDC No. 250881 Dental Nurse

    Lucy Owen Dental Nurse

    I qualified at the beginning of 2014 and am really enjoying dental nursing.

    I love how patients at The Smile Spa don’t just see one team member, but go through a journey, meeting lots of the team along the way. It’s great to see the way everyone works as a team, supporting each other throughout the day.

    At weekends, I’m usually found looking after little ones for my cousins. When I do get some time to myself, I enjoy going out with my friends and nights out at the cinema with my boyfriend.

  • Michelle Bullen RDSA GDC No. 128637 Assistant Practice Manager and Treatment Coordinator

    Michelle Bullen RDSA Assistant Practice Manager and Treatment Coordinator

    I qualified in 1995 whilst working with Simon at his previous practice. I enjoy working at the Smile Spa as it has a great team spirit. We work together as a team and value each other’s opinions. It helps that our practice is beautiful and I am regularly reminded by new patients entering the practice for the first time. We certainly have the wow factor! Outside of work I like to go dancing, it keeps me fit and healthy and able to run around after my 3 girls.

  • Laura Wood Receptionist

    Laura Wood Receptionist

    I’ve worked with Simon for over 10 years and was delighted to join him at the Smile Spa. The practice is a delight to work at, the patients are lovely and the team are fantastic. I love coming into work each day, it’s a pleasure. As receptionist I get to meet all the new patients and it’s great to see the changes in them as their new smile develops. It’s amazing to see the difference we make to people’s lives. My home life is quite busy with Alex, my son and my husband Jason, to keep an eye on, but I manage to fit in some dancing with Michelle and walking.

  • Gemma Woodier Receptionist

    Gemma Woodier Receptionist

    I qualified as a Dental Nurse in 2010. I love being part of the Welcome team at The Smile Spa. It’s great to work with a team that are so focused on providing excellent care to patients.

    I love the colour pink; I have lots of pink handbags, a pink raincoat, pink trainers and even a pink car! In my spare time I like to go out socialising and spending time with my niece and nephew and I’m looking forward to another one on the way!

  • Aisha Whitehead Receptionist

    Aisha Whitehead Receptionist

    I qualified as a Dental Nurse in 2000. The Smile Spa has such a great team and really warm and friendly atmosphere. The favourite part of my job is meeting the lovely patients.

    I recently got engaged so I am planning my dream wedding for 2018. I spend most of my spare time with my 2 puppies, Bubba and Boo, they make me so happy.