Shema Iley

“I’d always had a problem with my teeth and was bullied and mocked as to the way my smile looked, so over the years I’d learnt how to talk and smile without showing them. When I first came to the Smile Spa I was really nervous. I brought a friend who practically dragged me through the door! I shouldn’t have worried though, as the reception team were so welcoming and friendly.  On my second appointment I came on my own. During treatment the girls and Simon were friendly and I actually looked forward to coming and still do. When the temporary smile was fitted I couldn’t believe the difference, I cried with joy. At the final fitting appointment, I sobbed my heart out.  I absolutely love my new smile, it’s transformed my life. I’m going to be a Godmother soon and in the past I would have asked someone else to do it so I didn’t have to be on photographs, but now I’m really looking forward to it – thank you so much!”
“I’d always had a problem with my teeth