My teeth had always been something I felt very unconfident about. I would often hide behind my hand when I smiled where possible, and  often didn’t smile properly, not showing teeth. I had seen adverts for the Smile Spa and had seen it whilst driving, and often thought how brilliant it would be to have a Hollywood Smile…until one day I bit the bullet (excuse the pun) and booked a consultation. I hadn’t heard of Invisalign until I arrived, and was really surprised at both how effective it would be, and how affordable it was through monthly payments. I found dealing with Susie really enjoyable; she’s really down to earth, and just like a friend really. She obviously knows her job inside out, so I had total faith in her ability. I initially found my first aligners quite painful to wear, but this subsided after a few days, and after that I just found aligners a bit tight. Nobody knew I was wearing them, and if I told them, they were all fascinated! I started to see a subtle improvement within the first month, then after that, my smile improved day after day. I found the upkeep of them easy; it is advised that you brush after every meal, and this was easily achievable at work. By the end of my treatment and whitening, I had a bright white, Hollywood smile to be proud of. I can’t help but smile now, and am always flashing my nashers!! I have also been able to branch fully into modelling, something that I didn’t ever feel confident enough to give me all in. Thanks Everyone!
My teeth had always been something