Jacky & Jason Lee

jacky & jason spa L09 "Jason had been thinking about having his teeth done for a long time as he was very conscious of their appearance. Whilst at school and college he was constantly teased about the way they looked and this had an effect on his confidence. He also thought that the treatment would be painful, which of course it wasn't. Since having the treatment he has become very confident and smiles all the time! I was so impressed with the results of Jason's smile that I had mine done also. We are both totally delighted with the results. With mine I have also noticed that it has given my face a fuller look which has made me look younger, FANTASTIC! We recommended a friend of ours to have some work done and he is also very pleased with his teeth. We both agree that having our veneers is the best thing we have ever spent money on. Regards," Jason and Jacky Lee.
"Jason had been thinking about having his teeth