uneven 5a

I can't begin to explain the extent of my happiness now that I have the smile that I've always dreamt of and it's one which I never thought was achievable for me. After years of seeing many dentists and being told that basically I would have to live with my uneven smile, I began to adopt ways of being able to hide my teeth when I laughed, and being able to smile without bringing attention to all that was wrong with them. I never once imagined the feeling to be this great when I could finally forget about all those little habits, I no longer have to raise my hand to cover my mouth and I can laugh and smile as hugely as I want to... And believe me I do!! 

The Smile Spa is more than deserving of it's sparkling reputation, every single member of staff I want to mention and say thank you for making my experience so easy, laid back and enjoyable - That's not something that a lot of people can say about their dentist, but I can! I genuinely enjoyed my appointments, right from my first consultation with Michelle who gave me all the information I needed to make my decision. Every member of the Smile Spa team made me feel welcome and joined in with my experience, I felt a great sense of familiarity, it's friendly, it's comfortable and everyone was on my journey with me. Thank you to Sam who was more than helpful, Liz the amazing hygienist who has shown me how to take care of my beautiful new smile. Thank you to all the ladies in reception who made me feel welcome and were excited and happy for me. A big thank you to Nuala who was there alongside and has seen my transformation from start to finish - the team who make up the Smile Spa play a huge part in the experience and really do deserve to be mentioned. The biggest thank you of all is to Simon, from the moment I met him he was understanding and friendly and I actually felt that I wasn't just another patient in his day. He took the time to listen to my story and my needs and he genuinely cared for what I wanted. For the first time ever I had someone who was listening to me and that alone meant a great deal, I remember getting emotional when Simon told me that I would be able to see my new smile in a matter of weeks, and from then on it happened so fast and with every appointment I was getting closer to the end result. Simon has done the most amazing transformation for me, and has done it all with complete ease.. Without a doubt he is the best cosmetic dentist around but he is also extremely professional and has the ability to make you feel completely comfortable throughout each stage of the process. I cannot say thank you enough to Simon for what he has done, he has literally made a dream come true for me. Coming to The Smile Spa has been the best decision I've ever made..a huge thank you from me to the entire team... And keep smiling, I know I will now! Kind Regards, Hayley