af - narrow smile "I was always nervous of the dentists so when I was told that to fix my front teeth, there would be a lot of work, I accepted that, although secretly I really hated my teeth after been bullied as a child. I started coming to see Simon Andrews, and after a bit of routine work he asked if I had ever wanted to sort the front teeth. He explained what he could do and it seemed easier for Simon to sort than my previous dentists. Still a nervous patient, I started the treatment, but with the skill and care from the team, the appointments were painless and its the best thing I ever did - money well spent! My job involves regular public speaking in front of hundreds of people. I really believe that I would not be so confident had Simon not asked about corerecting my smile. I regularly have people comment on how beautiful my teeth are and I always tell them its thanks to the Smile Spa." Ann, Middlesbrough.
I was always nervous of the dentists so when