Stevan, Durham

before and afters I thought I'd take the time to write to each and everyone of you lot at the smile spa. Am not one for thank you cards and stuff so I thought you should at least know that I appreciate all your help over the last few years of my treatment and how I feel about you all working there. Upon making my first phone call all them years ago I now know that this has been one of the best decisions I've made. I was so nervous and did not know what to expect, after having my first consultation I just felt so at ease and knew then I wanted to commit and do everything possible to achieve something that I thought was impossible. All the staff have been very polite and very friendly and I've gotten to know a few of the girls on the front desk as well who are all superb lady's, so I'd like to thank you for making me feel welcome every time I've been there for my appointments. The amount of time I spent for some appointments with the very talented Kim, it felt like my second home at times and the very high standard of work that she carried out on my teeth totally restored my faith in good professional people who actually know their job. Thank you Kim. This leads me on to Suzie... Where do I start with this lady? Well, initially I was looking at a 6 month smile but after it was decided that this plan was not suitable for me, I was introduced to Suzie yet again within minutes I felt relaxed and confident that I could trust what was coming my way in the form of "invisalign" braces. After having my consultation and moulds made there was no stopping us we were set to begin, I believe that I've been one of the longest patients with a impressive 49/49 aligners to my plan, however the results have spoke for themselves. At this point I would like to say a very big thank you to Suzie as she has worked her magic on my now stunning teeth that are straight and gleaming white, I once again have a found my confidence that I had lost for so many years, words just can not describe how I feel right now, this is not the end, I will continue to visit the smile spa as its now my dental practice of choice and I recommend it to anyone reading this. Finally... Thank you to each and every one of you who knows me and has dealt with me, you are all top lasses and do a very good job, so keep up the good work you should be very proud on how good a job you all do.