Lots of our patients arrive via recommendation. We can say what we want about our service but we think it would sound even better coming straight from our clients!

Please take a moment to watch the testimonial videos or read the fabulous testimonials below:
  • The Smile Spa Dental Implant patient experience – Winston

    The Smile Spa Dental Implant patient experience – Winston
  • The Smile 2014

    The Smile 2014
  • The Smile Spa Invisalign patient experience – Adam

    The Smile Spa Invisalign patient experience – Adam
  • The Smile Spa Whitening and Crown patient experience – Ashleigh

    The Smile Spa Whitening and Crown patient experience – Ashleigh
  • The Smile Spa Dental Implant patient experience – Alexandra

    The Smile Spa Dental Implant patient experience – Alexandra
  • The Smile Spa Dental Implant testimonial – Stuart

    The Smile Spa Dental Implant testimonial – Stuart
  • Dental Implant testimonial Barbara

    Dental Implant testimonial Barbara
  • Dental Implant Testimonial – Ian

    Dental Implant Testimonial – Ian
  • The Smile Spa testimonial

    The Smile Spa testimonial
  • The Smile Spa testimonial Alan

    The Smile Spa testimonial Alan
  • The Smile Spa testimonial

    The Smile Spa testimonial
  • The Smile Spa Whitening and Crown patient experience – Ashleigh

    The Smile Spa Whitening and Crown patient experience – Ashleigh
  • The Smile Spa Invisalign patient experience – Adam

    The Smile Spa Invisalign patient experience – Adam
  • Dental Implant Testimonial – Ian

    Dental Implant Testimonial – Ian
  • Smile Spa Testimonials Jane Overdentures

    Smile Spa Testimonials Jane Overdentures
  • The Smile Spa Dental Implant testimonial – Stuart

    The Smile Spa Dental Implant testimonial – Stuart
  • Dental Implant testimonial Barbara

    Dental Implant testimonial Barbara
  • The Smile Spa – Stephen Uppal

    The Smile Spa – Stephen Uppal
  • Charlie – Invisalign

    Charlie – Invisalign
  • Julie – The Smile Spa

    Julie – The Smile Spa
  • Smile Spa Lesley patient

    Smile Spa Lesley patient
  • Sandra – Overdentures The Smile

    Sandra – Overdentures The Smile
  • The Smile Spa – Stephen Uppal Testimonial

    The Smile Spa – Stephen Uppal Testimonial

11th May 2017

I was generally unhappy with the overall visual of my teeth and in particular a poorly fitted crown on my front tooth that has bothered me for years. As I was getting married this year I just thought now is the time to get my dream smile as I want to be able to look back on all the photos and like what I see. I often would hear the radio advertising and had heard lots of positive things about The Smile Spa so decided to get in touch. I felt at ease from the first day I stepped foot into the practice and I am so over the moon with the end result Kim achieved I honestly don’t know how you could improve the whole service I received. I am so happy with my new teeth and think they are unbelievable.

Kieran, Ingleby Barwick

16th March 2017

Since I have had my Smile Makeover I am a lot more confident in anything I do and love not trying to hide my smile anymore. I just wish I had done it years ago as it was the best investment I have ever made!

Lorraine, Hartlepool

22nd February 2017

“I knew about the Smile Spa through my wife who had been a patient of Simon’s for years. Ever since my wife decided to have a Smile Makeover I have been keen to get my own dream smile. The right time finally came in 2016 when my work commitments weren’t as hectic and I began my upper Smile Makeover. Although confidence has never been an issue for me I am now much happier with my teeth and would recommend it to anyone”

Anthony, Hutton Rudby

31st January 2017

I have always been a bit embarrassed about my teeth but have never been able to talk about them to people before coming to The Smile Spa. I have also had a fear of dentists but I reached a point when I felt it was now or never and time to do something about it. I felt very supported throughout the whole process and received first class service in a really friendly environment. The team completely put me at ease from the very beginning and explained every stage as we went through things so I understood just enough information without being overwhelmed. I am now absolutely thrilled with my new smile and have had to show them off as they are something I am now very proud of!.

Beverly Jane, Hartlepool

9th January 2017

I first heard about The Smile Spa through an advert in my local newspaper. I have always been unhappy with the position of my teeth and decided to finally make it my new year resolution to visit a good dentist and get them looked at.

I now have so much more confidence-even people at work have commented on how I have changed and I am such a different person!

Jemma, Catterick

20th December 2016

I have always been quite nervous about going to the dentist however I was made to feel very comfortable at The Smile Spa. It has honestly been the most pain-free dental treatment I have ever had! I can now enjoy every day with my new found confidence and would recommend this place to anyone.

Gillian, Billingham

20th December 2016


20th December 2016

I have struggled with my dental health for a while but my husband referred me to The Smile Spa after having some treatment there himself. Although I was quite anxious at first Wendy made me feel at ease straight away. I now have my confidence back and can enjoy eating in front of other people once more. It has been a truly fascinating journey in an incredibly friendly and relaxed environment.

Andrea, Stockton-on-tees

8th November 2016

“I am really pleased with my new smile. After having a wobbly tooth that was bothering me and looking into options I came across the Smile Spa. The people were all lovely and friendly every time I came here and I am enjoying my new confidence. I liked Simon from the day we met and he really put me at ease as I was quite anxious before my treatment. I have already recommended the Smile Spa to three of my friends.”

James, Middlesbrough

31st October 2016

‘I am so happy with my new teeth and wish I had just come to The Smile Spa years ago. I have had three sets of veneers before but they never fitted quite right and were always bothering me. I have found the whole experience amazing and the staff are wonderful. You just get a lovely friendly feeling here I haven’t experience anywhere else and I don’t want it to end- I will honestly miss coming to the dentist now! I can smile with confidence and don’t have to hide or adjust my smile anymore. I have also learnt how to properly care for my teeth and keep them looking great. I have told everybody I know to come and see what they can do.’

Kelly, Middlesbrough

31st August 2016

“I had been struggling with my teeth for years and was often embarrassed when people would stare at the gaps between my teeth. My existing dentures caused problems with eating, sensitivity and rubbed against my gums.

I first came to the Smile Spa with my friend for support after hearing about it on the radio.  The whole experience from start to finish has been amazing and all the staff were very supportive and helpful in every way whilst being genuinely interested in me. I was listened to every step of the way and never felt under any pressure or rush to make decisions on my treatment until I was ready.

I am so pleased with my new dentures and can’t stop smiling. I now love my teeth and forget I have anything in now- no rubbing, no fixative nothing! I honestly didn’t think my teeth could be improved but they have now and it isn’t just about the look but the feel and comfort which has given me my confidence back once again.

Caron, Middlesbrough

15th June 2016

I have always been terrified of dentists- till now. I feel complete satisfaction with the staff I met, they are really helpful, welcoming and professional. The introductory “look see” gave me the initial idea and indeed was a pleasant experience unlike most visits to a dental practice, I shall be recommending the Smile Spa.

thank you card - tim


24th May 2016

before and afters

I thought I’d take the time to write to each and everyone of you lot at the smile spa. Am not one for thank you cards and stuff so I thought you should at least know that I appreciate all your help over the last few years of my treatment and how I feel about you all working there.

Upon making my first phone call all them years ago I now know that this has been one of the best decisions I’ve made. I was so nervous and did not know what to expect, after having my first consultation I just felt so at ease and knew then I wanted to commit and do everything possible to achieve something that I thought was impossible. All the staff have been very polite and very friendly and I’ve gotten to know a few of the girls on the front desk as well who are all superb lady’s, so I’d like to thank you for making me feel welcome every time I’ve been there for my appointments.

The amount of time I spent for some appointments with the very talented Kim, it felt like my second home at times and the very high standard of work that she carried out on my teeth totally restored my faith in good professional people who actually know their job. Thank you Kim.

This leads me on to Suzie…

Where do I start with this lady? Well, initially I was looking at a 6 month smile but after it was decided that this plan was not suitable for me, I was introduced to Suzie yet again within minutes I felt relaxed and confident that I could trust what was coming my way in the form of “invisalign” braces. After having my consultation and moulds made there was no stopping us we were set to begin, I believe that I’ve been one of the longest patients with a impressive 49/49 aligners to my plan, however the results have spoke for themselves.

At this point I would like to say a very big thank you to Suzie as she has worked her magic on my now stunning teeth that are straight and gleaming white, I once again have a found my confidence that I had lost for so many years, words just can not describe how I feel right now, this is not the end, I will continue to visit the smile spa as its now my dental practice of choice and I recommend it to anyone reading this.


Thank you to each and every one of you who knows me and has dealt with me, you are all top lasses and do a very good job, so keep up the good work you should be very proud on how good a job you all do.

Stevan, Durham

24th May 2016

happy patient

Carol, Darlington

17th March 2016

patient thank you card

Ann, Middlesbrough

10th March 2016

happy implant patient

Kathleen, Sunderland

7th August 2015

My Invisalign treatment as been a great, very convenient and discreet hardly anyone notices I was wearing a brace which was great and the time has flown by. Susie and The Smile Spa team have been fab too fitting my appointments in early morning and late evening was such a help as I had quite distance to travel for each appointment. I am really happy with the results my smile looks natural and most all my teeth are straight which make me more confident when smiling.

Thanks again, I will definitely be recommending The Smile Spa to my friends and family.

Jenny, Whitby

10th June 2015

This has been a really positive outcome from a potentially bad situation with my teeth. I’m SO pleased with the result – the process was gentle and easy from start to finish. 10/10 for service too – so important. I feel confident again.

Thank you to everyone at The Smile Spa. Life changers!


13th May 2015

patricia no surname

Patricia, Ferryhill

11th March 2015

I am a 54 year old woman who currently lives in France.  I try to get back to the North East at least once a year and as part of my routine I schedule a visit to The Smile Spa and have done so for the last 3 years.

I would say that I am not especially vain, but I would prefer to hold back the years, I am not looking to be transformed back 30 years, I am realistic, my lines have been amassed through years of experiences, good and bad, my face reflects this.  I know what I see when I look in the mirror, but I cannot truly know what the person looking at me sees, so I was interested in Susan’s opinion of where treatment would be most beneficial.  She is the professional, I would suggest that you discuss your needs and expectations with her, use her experience, she is very personable and easy to talk to, you are not rushed and she will explain all the procedures involved.  I have Botox injected into my frown lines (between my eyes), some in my forehead and some around my eyes.  I wouldn’t say that I have a particularly big pain threshold, but I can state quite happily that the injections are by no means painful, they are more like a little sting.  I am also lucky in that my skin does not swell or become red at injection points, but if your skin is prone to such things then a cool pack is on hand to reduce any swelling.

From the receptionists to the practitioners that you see milling around, the impression one gets is that everyone seems to be very happy working there, I can’t decide whether it’s a well oiled team or more of an extended family, but the staff at The Smile Spa seem to care about their co-workers and their clients.  In my opinion when going through the door one enters a tranquil environment, there is a calm and efficient background buzz with people coming and going and the whole place exudes a confidence that can only help the nervous patient, which let’s be honest most people are when visiting a dental practice.

Read the full testimonial – Eternal Beauty patient testimonial

Susan, France

10th March 2015

When I entered the Smile Spa, it was immediately apparent that this place is more than worthy of anyone’s business. It was immaculately clean, tidy and ran with military precision.

Now, the service. As someone who has a background in hospitality & customer service, I know a good working team when I see one. The service at the Smile Spa was, quite simply, Outstanding.  All staff were very smart, greeting you very professionally and always with a smile. They were courteous, upbeat and cheerful, making that ‘dreaded trip to the dentist’ a pleasant and trouble-free experience.

But for me, the piece de résistance was Dr Tim Doswell’s work itself. Tim replaced a damaged front tooth & old crown, with a dental implant and sparkling new crown. To say that I am more than satisfied with the results would be a total understatement. Recommended? Absolutely. Grateful thanks to an outstanding Dr and practitioner, that provided me with, quite simply, the most pleasant, painless and professional dental experience of my life.

Joe, Peterlee

6th January 2015

joan geeson testimonal 3

Joan, Hartlepool

29th October 2014


Hannah, Middlesbrough

15th October 2014

It’s hard to believe it’s the same person…. But I have to say the confidence I’ve had since completing my treatment has took me by surprise. I’m constantly being told how happy I look and how much younger I look .

I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Smile Spa to a friend.


Sharon, Middlesbrough

15th October 2014

I honestly don’t know what I would of done without The Smile Spa. My NHS dentist couldn’t fix my problems and when I came to them I was in a bit of a mess. Now I smile with confidence, can eat what I like, what a difference it has made to my life.

Everyone is so lovely too!

Elaine, Norton

15th October 2014

Emma's patient testimonial

Emma, Middlesbrough

15th October 2014



30th June 2014

When I first met Chris, he assured me he could help and he really has, I can’t stop smiling! My dentures look so natural and they fit so well. Chris has been lovely, I’m so pleased I chose to come to The Smile Spa, I would definitely recommend it to my family and friends.


11th June 2014

uneven 5a

I can’t begin to explain the extent of my happiness now that I have the smile that I’ve always dreamt of and it’s one which I never thought was achievable for me. After years of seeing many dentists and being told that basically I would have to live with my uneven smile, I began to adopt ways of being able to hide my teeth when I laughed, and being able to smile without bringing attention to all that was wrong with them. I never once imagined the feeling to be this great when I could finally forget about all those little habits, I no longer have to raise my hand to cover my mouth and I can laugh and smile as hugely as I want to… And believe me I do!! 

The Smile Spa is more than deserving of it’s sparkling reputation, every single member of staff I want to mention and say thank you for making my experience so easy, laid back and enjoyable – That’s not something that a lot of people can say about their dentist, but I can! I genuinely enjoyed my appointments, right from my first consultation with Michelle who gave me all the information I needed to make my decision. Every member of the Smile Spa team made me feel welcome and joined in with my experience, I felt a great sense of familiarity, it’s friendly, it’s comfortable and everyone was on my journey with me. Thank you to Sam who was more than helpful, Liz the amazing hygienist who has shown me how to take care of my beautiful new smile. Thank you to all the ladies in reception who made me feel welcome and were excited and happy for me. A big thank you to Nuala who was there alongside and has seen my transformation from start to finish – the team who make up the Smile Spa play a huge part in the experience and really do deserve to be mentioned.

The biggest thank you of all is to Simon, from the moment I met him he was understanding and friendly and I actually felt that I wasn’t just another patient in his day. He took the time to listen to my story and my needs and he genuinely cared for what I wanted. For the first time ever I had someone who was listening to me and that alone meant a great deal, I remember getting emotional when Simon told me that I would be able to see my new smile in a matter of weeks, and from then on it happened so fast and with every appointment I was getting closer to the end result. Simon has done the most amazing transformation for me, and has done it all with complete ease.. Without a doubt he is the best cosmetic dentist around but he is also extremely professional and has the ability to make you feel completely comfortable throughout each stage of the process. I cannot say thank you enough to Simon for what he has done, he has literally made a dream come true for me.

Coming to The Smile Spa has been the best decision I’ve ever made..a huge thank you from me to the entire team… And keep smiling, I know I will now!

Kind Regards,





21st May 2014

After not being to the dentist for over 25 years I was very nervous but I feel so comfortable coming to The Smile Spa. The whole team have made me feel so welcome. I am really pleased with my smile, the treatment has been amazing, I can’t even tell which tooth isn’t my own!

Maureen, Redcar

6th March 2014

‘I’m so much more confident in my smile now. My cheeks actually ache from smiling!’

Theresa, Middlesbrough

20th February 2014

pt testimonial louise


9th January 2014

Full face before and after photographsInevitably things always start with a photograph, usually an attractive woman, looking confident, with a beautiful smile. Finally, after much consideration, I decided to start a journey towards the teeth I’ve wanted for many years. From my first consultation to my last appointment at the Smile Spa, with the support and care of the staff, I felt this was a journey that we would be taking together. Five months later, with my treatment complete, whenever I look in the mirror I see the confident smile I have longed for.

Patricia, Co.Durham

20th December 2013

I wasn’t comfortable with my smile and would always hide it. Having partial upper and lower dentures, I often struggled to eat.  I always wanted a smile I could be proud of and finally got it with the help of The Smile Spa.

People have noticed I’m more smiley, but not necessarily that I’ve had my smile improved, which is great because something personal to me. I’m just delighted I have my new smile for Christmas!

Julie, Stockton-on-Tees

20th December 2013

I would just like to thank the team for their care and professionalism, it’s been a really good experience and I would highly recommend them. Wendy was marvellous, to have total confidence in the whole team has been great and I’m really happy with my healthy smile.

Karen, Cleveland

27th November 2013

‘After wearing dentures for over 15 years, I’d lost confidence in my smile, it had become a grimace as I tried to cover my teeth in photographs. I enquired about implants some years ago but was advised that I didn’t have enough bone in my jaw to place them, so I was pleased when my regular dentist commented recently, that things have changed and technology has moved on.

After hearing the radio advert, The Smile Spa sounded like the practice for me and whilst it involved some travel time, it was definitely worth it. Chris and Tim make a great team, working together to create a smile that’s right for me.

I would definitely recommend having overdentures at The Smile Spa,  I can now smile with confidence and eat what I want – the only problem now is watching my weight!’

John, Hartlepool

27th November 2013

The Smile Spa is so professional, you definitely get what you pay for. I’m so pleased with the result, it’s so natural.”

Joe, Darlington

22nd November 2013

Thanks for sending the photos. It’s quite amazing to see the huge difference from the beginning to the end of the treatment. It feels so much better now to be able to smile naturally, not having to worry how my teeth will look, especially if I’m also in a photo. It’s ok for you to use both photos. The treatment has worked really well and has resulted in a great boost for my confidence. I would happily recommend it to others considering treatment. It’s not an instant treatment so it does require good motivation but the end results do justify the effort!

Invisalign full face

Kath, Yarm

14th November 2013

Brittany was so pleased with her treatment, she wrote this fabulous card. As you can see Nuala was really pleased with the feedback too! Nuala and Brittany

Brittany, Teesside

1st November 2013

The service at The Smile Spa is second to none, everyone is really friendly and welcoming. I’d been advised at another dentist that I needed 6 porcelain veneers and didn’t really offer any options. So I researched on the internet and found The Smile Spa. I’ve had composite bonding which involves no preparation of my teeth and I’m over the moon with the result!


14th October 2013

I am delighted with the treatment. I was treated as an individual from the very first visit and the service has been excellent. Chris delivered the dentures exactly that he said he would, I am really pleased.

Patricia, Richmond


20th September 2013

I didn’t realise how much of a difference being able  to smile without covering my mouth would make.

It’s unbelievable how much happier and more confident I am.

I would like to thank everyone at the Smile Spa for the excellent care I  received throughout my treatment, I am so pleased with the results! You have changed my life.


21st August 2013

When I first walked through the doors, and into The Smile Spa, nothing was as I expected. From beautiful interiors, to friendly staff that bestow your choice of latte, cappuccino, hot chocolate, and more, upon you while you wait for your appointment: nothing is what you’d typically expect when going to the dentist.
Upon my first consultation, I knew I was going to like it there; I was greeted by a smiling, reassuring face from Michelle Honeywell that assured me that everything I wanted doing to my teeth was more than possible… and she was correct!
Over the short process of just over a month, the creative genius that is Simon Andrews transformed, not only my teeth, but the overall appearance of my face. The veneers (that we played around with numerous times until I was 100%, completely ecstatic with them), seemed to effortlessly lift my face in terms of the shape, and ultimately brought a new glow to my overall appearance, which I wasn’t even aware that I was lacking prior to my treatment.
Not only was Simon thorough with the appearance of my veneers, but he also paid incredibly close attention to the overall structure of my mouth: gum health, my bite, and how he could ensure the best possible design of veneers for my mouth shape, and condition.
Everyone that I had the pleasure of encountering at The Smile Spa was happy, friendly, and made me feel incredibly welcome.
I’ve got to say that I’m in love with my new smile, and I am so thankful to Simon and the team for everything they have done for me. I couldn’t recommend them more!
Nicki Elisé Elwin


21st August 2013

The team have been brilliant. I did look around other dental practices and some were a bit cheaper, but you definitely get what you pay for. I couldn’t be happier.

I’ve already recommended The Smile Spa to my friends!

Daniel, Middlesbrough

21st August 2013

Dental implant testimonial

Zina was really pleased with her implant treatment


20th July 2013

jacky & jason spa L09

“Jason had been thinking about having his teeth done for a long time as he was very conscious of their appearance.
Whilst at school and college he was constantly teased about the way they looked and this had an effect on his confidence. He also thought that the treatment would be painful, which of course it wasn’t.
Since having the treatment he has become very confident and smiles all the time! I was so impressed with the results of Jason’s smile that I had mine done also.
We are both totally delighted with the results. With mine I have also noticed that it has given my face a fuller look which has made me look younger, FANTASTIC!

We recommended a friend of ours to have some work done and he is also very pleased with his teeth. We both agree that having our veneers is the best thing we have ever spent money on.

Jason and Jacky Lee.

Jacky & Jason Lee

20th July 2013

“I would just like to say how much I enjoyed getting my new dentures. After a less than satisfactory previous experience it was a pleasure to be seen by Chris Egan. He put me at ease when we first met and instilled confidence right from the start. In fact I looked forward to my visits with him. He was professional and nothing was too much trouble for him. He explained everything very thoroughly inlcuding any after care I might need.

I would gladly recommend Chris to anyone who needs dentures and am sure he will continue to be a great asset to The Smile Spa.” Mrs Wilson, Middlesbrough

Mrs Wilson

20th July 2013

Hi Simon, I just wanted to say a big “Thank You” for my new smile, it’s fabulous, I love it. I was put at ease from the beginning to the end of my treatment, which was painless and very thorough.  The level of care and consideration from yourself and your staff is second to none. “Thank you” for all signing my card, I felt quite special and overwhelmed. I would recommend The Smile Spa to anyone. Once again, many thanks!”  Karen – Middlesbrough


20th July 2013

I just wanted to say thanks to Susie for being so fantastic during my tresatment, as a nervous patient I felt totally a ease with you and am still amazed I have actually had my wisdom tooth out.. finally!!!! Thanks again, Donna Feeney

Donna Feeney

20th July 2013

Simon and Stephen Uppal I researched extensively in both the UK and abroad, where I wanted to have my smile makeover. I finally chose to have my treatment carried out by Dr Simon Andrews of The Smile Spa, Teesside.

I am absolutely thrilled with the care and attention he and the team offered me and the final result is fantastic. I now have the smile I always wanted.

Stephen Uppal, Actor

Stephen Uppal

20th July 2013

moira testimonial

7th July 2013


I’ve never had confidence in my smile and would definitely never show my teeth – but now thanks to the Smile Spa I can’t stop smiling! Everyone has commented how it has changed my whole face since getting porcelain veneers fitted by Simon, and I’m really pleased with the final result. I would recommend the Smile Spa to anyone considering cosmetic dentistry as the work and care is first class – thank you everyone! Catherine, Teesside.

Catherine, Teesside

25th June 2013

I’d been through the consultation process at The Smile Spa to improve my smile with general treatment but then moved to Aberdeen with work, so I started the process again with dentists in Aberdeen.

Having gone through The Smile Spa examinations, I discovered this standard of service and treatment was not offered elsewhere. So I decided that if I was going to have dental treatment I was going to have great service too which is why I now travel from Aberdeen to Stockton for my dental appointments. It’s cost me more with the travelling and time off from work, but the team, treatment and service have been well worth it and I’m happy to keep travelling for my dental appointments to ensure my healthy smile is maintained.

Ian, Aberdeen

5th June 2013

Before I had my teeth done, I never showed my smile. It’s given me huge confidence and everywhere I go people always say what beautiful teeth I have. The whole experience has been fantastic and it really has changed my life.

Linda, Ingleby Barwick

30th May 2013

I would always hide my teeth before I had my veneers, but I’m happy to show my smile and it’s really improved my confidence. It’s been a pleasure to deal wth everyone at The Smile Spa.

Kris, Bishop Auckland

18th May 2013

Louise testimonial

3rd March 2013

Thank you, it’s been fantastic. My Invisalign treatment was quick, easy and painless.  Fiona

I would just like to say I am delighted with my 6 months smile. I never thought in a million years that I would ever have straight teeth. When the brace was applied it just felt a little strange but soon got used to it. I always wore the wax so I never got any ulcers or sores.

No one ever noticed I had a brace on until I told them and they were very surprised. I can say it has changed my life, I am a lot more confident and love smiling now which I never did before and I’m a lot happier in myself.

I would certainly advise the 6 months smile to anyone who is not happy with their smile, its quick, easy and life changing.
Thank you so much


21st February 2013

My Invisalign treatment has been great, Susie and Sharon (nurse) have been amazing. It’s the best thing I’ve done and pain free! –

Georgina, Stockton

7th February 2013

I’m over the moon with my Invisalign treatment and it’s been so easy and comfortable!

Vicky, Hartlepool

6th February 2013

From the start of my treatment the team have been fantastic, really professional. I’ve been treated like an individual and can’t praise the Smile Spa enough. Everything has been fully explained to me along the way and to have Wendy (dentist) call me the day after treatment to see if I was ok, what more can I say! It’s been worth every penny, I just wish I’d done it sooner.

Linda, Hartlepool

10th January 2013

Prior to coming to The Smile Spa, I used to be physically sick due to my anxiety around dental appointments. But over the last few months, with each appointment, I’ve learnt to relax. The team have really helped as everyone is easy to talk to, they treat you like an individual and everything is explained,which puts your mind at ease.

I couldn’t believe that at my last appointment I was sat in the chair laughing out loud with Simon and his nurse Nuala. I was totally relaxed and actually enjoying my dental appointment!  Diane, Thornaby

Diane, Thornaby

24th December 2012

The difference my treatment has made is amazing. I no longer have to think about what food I can eat, it’s great to have the confidence to eat anything.  The whole experience at The Smile Spa has been fantastic, it’s more like a beauty salon that does dentistry. The atmosphere is so relaxed and the team are so friendly, it’s really lovely that they greet you by name as come through the door. I actually look forward to coming to the dentists!

Eileen, Stockton-on-Tees

21st December 2012

I was not confident about my smile and was a bit nervous about going to the dentist, but from my first consultation with The Smile Spa, it gave me all the information I needed and made me feel at ease. I then had an appointment with Simon and after seeing what he could achieve, I was fully confident in him and was happy to proceed with the treatment.

The whole experience was very professional and they are very friendly accommodating staff, they were very flexible around my work needs and fitted appointments in to suit me. I am really pleased with the smile Simon has given me and no longer try to hide my smile.

I would recommend The Smile Spa to anyone.

Kevin, Redcar.

20th December 2012

I’ve received a 5 star service from start to finish and I’d like to say Thank You to the team. Having 25 appointments over 6 months, I’ve received a consistent, professional service from every department. I would certainly recommend The Smile Spa to everyone.

Mark O’Donnell, Middlesbrough

2nd December 2012

barbara's testimonial

Barbara Gordon

21st November 2012

I’m really happy with the outcome. The service has been 5 star, but you have to make sure you maintain at home, it’s not just on the dentist. I’m now a member at The Smile Spa to ensure my smile is maintained properly. David Smith,

David Smith, Co.Durham

20th November 2012

Dear Sue, Simon and all the team at the Smile Spa

I just wanted to express my thanks to you all and especially Dr Tim for my implants and the difference this has made to my life. I now have the confidence to face people and smile without worrying, safe in the knowledge that my teeth and smile are the best they can be.

I must also pay tribute to all of the team in giving me five star treatment on every visit without exception I am made to feel welcome and special by every member of staff I encounter.

I am eternally grateful to you all and will continue to sing your praises to everyone I talk to.

I would recommend dental implants to anyone who has difficult crowns as they are the nearest thing to real teeth you can get.

I look forward to the future and to the smile spa looking after my smile!!!!!

Kindest Regards

Ian Rae, Cliffemount Hotel, Runswick Bay

20th November 2012

With our wedding approaching I contacted the Smile Spa as we both had hated our smiles for years.

The Smile Spa were brilliant, booking us in for our free consultation and showing us a glimpse of what could be achieved. We booked immediately for our full smile makeover. Simon and his team were fantastic creating an amazing and relaxed atmosphere that meant I thoroughlyenjoyed my whole experience and best of all I left with the perfect smile I always wanted and our wedding photos look amazing.

Rob Corrigill, Middlesbrough

20th November 2012

On our wedding day people commented that they’d never seen such a smiley bride. I definitely wouldn’t have smiled as much had I not come to the Smile Spa and had a smile makeover.

The difference is amazing, it’s definitely life changing!

Sarah Corrigil, Middlesbrough

8th November 2012

Judith testimonial

6th November 2012

I’d had veneers fitted at another dental practice,10 years ago and to be honest I just expected replacements from Simon, but the result has been far better than I ever imagined. I just wish I’d come here 10 years ago! –

Kevin, Hartlepool

2nd November 2012

I was so nervous of dentists before and lacked confidence in my smile, but the team have treated me brilliantly, there was no pain and everyone now notices and comments. It’s had a life changing impact, there’s no stopping me now!.  And my new quote for The Smile Spa is ‘Perfect Service, Perfect Smile’!

Michaela, Guisborough

26th October 2012

I am delighted with my new dentures from Chris. I’d put off getting new ones as I really don’t like having the impressions taken, but Chris really relaxed me, talking through each stage and listening to my concerns. Thank you to everyone at The Smile Spa.

thank you card

Sharone, Middlesbrough

22nd October 2012

‘From the first meeting to the last, The Smile Spa staff were very friendly and professional. My dentist, Simon, did the most fantastic job of rebuilding my teeth and I am more than willing to recommend The Smile Spa to anyone requiring dental treatment.’

Bill McClure, Whitby

16th October 2012

I’m a lot happier now. I first came to the Smile Spa with an infection, since then I have seen many of the dentists and they have been lovely. I used to be terrified of the dentist but now it’s like coming to a second home.

Roz, Middlesbrough

12th October 2012

I’ve got on great with Chris and for the first time in 2 years, my dentures finally fit. The whole team have been fantastic, thank you.’

Janet, Saltburn

1st October 2012

My teeth had always been something I felt very unconfident about. I would often hide behind my hand when I smiled where possible, and  often didn’t smile properly, not showing teeth. I had seen adverts for the Smile Spa and had seen it whilst driving, and often thought how brilliant it would be to have a Hollywood Smile…until one day I bit the bullet (excuse the pun) and booked a consultation. I hadn’t heard of Invisalign until I arrived, and was really surprised at both how effective it would be, and how affordable it was through monthly payments.

I found dealing with Susie really enjoyable; she’s really down to earth, and just like a friend really. She obviously knows her job inside out, so I had total faith in her ability.

I initially found my first aligners quite painful to wear, but this subsided after a few days, and after that I just found aligners a bit tight. Nobody knew I was wearing them, and if I told them, they were all fascinated! I started to see a subtle improvement within the first month, then after that, my smile improved day after day. I found the upkeep of them easy; it is advised that you brush after every meal, and this was easily achievable at work.

By the end of my treatment and whitening, I had a bright white, Hollywood smile to be proud of. I can’t help but smile now, and am always flashing my nashers!!

I have also been able to branch fully into modelling, something that I didn’t ever feel confident enough to give me all in.

Thanks Everyone!


6th September 2012

I would definitely recommend Invisalign and The Smile Spa to anybody, the care and attention has been amazing.  It really is life changing treatment and has given me so much more cofnidence!  –

Lydia, Middlesbrough

29th August 2012

rosalyn testimonial

28th August 2012

It’s been a fantastic experience, everyone has been so lovely. Just to be able to look in the mirror and be happy is great!

Liz, Guisborough

28th August 2012

My new smile gave me the confidence to get the brilliant new job I’ve got.’

Lynn, Middlesbrough

20th July 2012

A relatively painless process that delivered a fantastic result. I have been recommending my family and friends infact my wife will be seeing you very soon. The service has been second to none and I’ve certainly had no worries as far as phobias in actually coming to the dentist its been a great experience’.

John, Yarm

6th July 2012

Edna - dentures

I first heard of The Smile Spa from a newspaper advert and I booked a consultation. Everyone was really friendly and the practice was lovely but I was a little concerned about the fees.

I have had five sets of dentures over the years after losing my teeth when I was young. I was never very happy with them, as they never fitted very well. The dentist just seemed to take impressions straight away and produce a denture from there.

Meeting Chris, the dental technician was a completely different experience. He was precise, taking measurements, realigning the dentures for the best possible fit.

I now have dentures which fit great and feel fabulous. They’ve lifted my face and given me so much more confidence. I’m a lot more smiley now


25th June 2012

I wish I’d done it years ago. I had actually considered orthodontic treatment a few years back but at the time it meant numerous visits to a Practice in Middlesbrough Town Centre and it just wasn’t practical, then I heard the radio advert for The Smile Spa and I haven’t looked back since. Access is fantastic, parking is never an issue and the team have been so professional. The time really has flown by, initially 18mths worth of treatment seemed like forever away but I’ve done it now and I’ve been so impressed I’ve even recommended The Smile Spa to a number of my female work colleague.

Vincent, Guisborough

14th June 2012

I used to cover my smile in photographs and constantly check photos taken by friends before they were allowed to show others, I really disliked my uneven smile. When I saw the clincheck which showed how my teeth would look at the end of treatment, I knew I had to sign up straight away.

I’m so pleased with my treatment, it’s been really worthwhile, I smile so much more now and people are commenting that something is different, but they can’t quite put their finger on why!  The whole experience has been fantastic, I’ve loved coming. Everyone has been so friendly and welcoming, and the team are really pleasant. I no longer have a fear of dentists either. I would really recommend the Smile Spa to everyone!

Louise, Redcar

31st May 2012

I came to the practice with very high expectations for my smile makeover and I can honestly say that Simon has exceeded them. –

Richard, London

26th February 2012

Special thanks to everyone at the Smile Spa for helping me with my fear of dentists. I feel more confident and no longer frightened to smile and you make us feel so welcome when we arrive.

Ann, Spennymoor (implant and smile makeover patient)

22nd February 2012

“I’d always had a problem with my teeth and was bullied and mocked as to the way my smile looked, so over the years I’d learnt how to talk and smile without showing them.

When I first came to the Smile Spa I was really nervous. I brought a friend who practically dragged me through the door! I shouldn’t have worried though, as the reception team were so welcoming and friendly.  On my second appointment I came on my own.

During treatment the girls and Simon were friendly and I actually looked forward to coming and still do.

When the temporary smile was fitted I couldn’t believe the difference, I cried with joy. At the final fitting appointment, I sobbed my heart out.  I absolutely love my new smile, it’s transformed my life.

I’m going to be a Godmother soon and in the past I would have asked someone else to do it so I didn’t have to be on photographs, but now I’m really looking forward to it – thank you so much!”

Shema Iley

20th February 2012

The team have been lovely and so professional, they always offer advice and guidance especially Susie (dentist) and Sharon (nurse) as they’ve gone through the treatment.I would thoroughly recommend Invisalign treatment, it’s improved my confidence and I smile all the time now. The whole Smile Spa experience has been fantastic.

Carly, Thornaby

14th February 2012

My NHS dentist recommended I come to the Smile Spa as I was unhappy with my partial denture which had become loose since I had lost another tooth. When I met the Treatment Co-ordinator, she talked me through the options available to me and I was surprised there were so many! I met Simon, Chris and Tim to find out which options were best and settled on implant retained dentures. I had to have all my teeth extracted as they couldn’t be saved, but I now have a secure set of great fitting dentures giving me confidence in my smile. All my friends and family have commented on my fantastic new teeth, I’m really pleased with them and I would like to thank the team for the first class service I received.

Geoff Hall

31st January 2012

I would just like to take this opportunity to thank all the staff (and particularly Tim) for the friendly, relaxed atmosphere of The Smile Spa.  As an anxious patient, this helped enormously – enough for me to have my implant with only a local anaesthetic!

From my first consultation with Samantha I was put at ease. She was thorough in explaining what was involved in my selected treatment (plus the alternatives) and the costs involved.

I was kept fully informed about the stages involved and everyone was helpful, caring and knowledgeable. A very professional service throughout.

In summary (and you don’t normally hear it about a dental practice!) a very pleasant experience and I am thrilled with my new smile.  Thank you Smile Spa.

Joy Rogowski

26th January 2012

It is many a long year since I have felt compelled to write a positive testimonial related to any service I have received, so it is a most pleasant change to be able to do so now.

As a result of a prolonged period of severe dental problems resulting in a number of tooth extractions, the installation of dental implants presented itself as the only viable solution to restore a life where eating normally was once again a real possibility. From the moment I contacted The Smile Spa until the conclusion of the procedures I experienced the highest level of professionalism and courtesy. All staff members I encountered were more than helpful, accommodating and succeeded in creating a calm and friendly atmosphere. Mr Doswell and the nurses who aided him always operated as an effective team and conducted their work in a relaxed but reassuring manner . The technical standard of dental surgery and care were in my opinion second to none: in fact I can say without doubt that I have found simple tooth fillings more arduous than having my dental implants fitted! In addition, time was always made available for my questions and their explanations, and at no time did I feel ‘rushed’ or under any artificial time constraint.

All- in- all an excellent experience, excellent work and an excellent result.

Dr David R Summers CSci CChem FRSC

18th January 2012

portrait smaller “I am delighted with my new smile, I just wish I’d had the courage to proceed earlier. I’m really nervous of dental treatment, so I had NuCalm treatment which helped to me to overcome my fears. I’m really pleased with the result.”

Susan Douglas

23rd November 2011

After repairing my teeth for a number of years my dentist suggested it was time I thought about replacing some problem teeth. I duly researched and found a practice which could carry out the treatment I required. However, after having my extractions, I noticed the service, which wasn’t great, seemed to get worse.

So I heard a Smile Spa advert, had a look at the website and booked my consultation. The service was fantastic, from entering the Smile Spa for the first time, having the consultation and going through treatment, every member of the team is focussed on providing a first class service. ‘ Peter, Manchester


9th November 2011

Carol Rae Dear Simon,

I would like to take this opportunity to express my sincere thanks and appreciation of my total experience with The Smile Spa. As you know, I am a very nervous patient but I need not have worried as the care and understanding of every member of staff has been outstanding throughout.

I would like to mention a few members by name as the care they have given to me was above and beyond what I expected.

Sam, for answering all of my questions and concerns, of which there were many!

Sharon who was there at the start of my treatment, constantly reassuring me and helping me to feel at ease.

Sandra so helpful and bubbly and eager to make my visits a pleasure.

Lynn, such a lovely person, so caring and again helping me to feel at ease.

Lycia and Janet who have given me the most painfree treatments I have ever experienced – absolutely fantastic!

Laura on reception, who has been helpful and moved appointments around for me as if nothing is a problem.

In summary, the total professionalism has been outstanding ,given by people who obviously enjoy working with you.

And last to yourself Simon, who has given me back my confidence. To say I like my new smile would be a complete understatement. I feel able to face the world with a new smile and will be eternally grateful for the kindness and understanding given throughout my treatment.

Once again, thank you very much

Yours sincerely

Carol Rae

14th September 2011

Kevin mason

Kevin was a very anxious patient, due to previous dental experiences.

“Simon was the first person I met and he introduced himself, then me to a few members of staff who were present. Those few words and smiles have stuck with me throughout my treatment…. everybody at the practice has been very helpful and friendly. Having joined the membership plan, you will be seeing me again. Thanks Kevin.”


25th April 2011

It was the best thing I ever did (having a smile makeover) and if anyone was teetering on the brink of deciding, I would definitely say ‘do it!’

Paula, Hartlepool

13th April 2011

lauren ohara I would like to Thank all the staff and Simon for giving me confidence in my smile, especially for my wedding day; I couldn’t stop smiling.

I have enjoyed my visits and felt very relaxed throughout the process. It was the best decision I have made and I’m so happy. I will definately recommend the Smile Spa to family and friends.

Lauren McDonough

4th April 2011

geraldine_large I really wasn’t happy with my smile for quite sometime, I had even managed to perfect a pose for photographs which would capture the better half of my smile. It was a relief when I heard from friends about the Smile Spa and met Simon, who told me he could give me the smile I’d always wanted.

When the veneers where fitted I actually squealed with delight, I was and still am so pleased! My friends and family have noticed I’m very happy to have my photographs taken and I feel so much more confident. I’ve joined the Smile Spa Membership plan as I’ve enjoyed my experience so much and want to ensure my smile always looks good.


1st April 2011

joanne bellerby To Simon, Sue and the whole team at the Smile Spa

I wanted to take this opportunity to say how much I appreciate you all and everything you do. You are all wonderful, friendly people and I feel so relaxed and comfortable everytime I come for an appointment. The Smile Spa should continue to be recommended and rewarded for its service to dentistry!


15th March 2011

Keith, from Hartlepool visited the Smile Spa to have a dental implant and minor cosmetic treatment. “Tim (the implant dentist) is a great guy, he’s very good and Simon was so professional, I really liked the set-up. I’ve had no problems with the treatments, it’s been champion – I’m chuffed to bits, thank you!”


17th February 2011

“Just a quick note to say that the service I have received from Smile Spa has been impeccable from start to finish. The reception staff are extremely pleasant and knowledgeable and the dental team superb in way advice was given and for the ultimate implant work carried out. Overall a totally professional practice. The whole team who work at Smile Spa should be rightly very proud.”

Denis Dowen, Denis Dowen Estate Agents. www.dowen.co.uk

Denis Dowen

20th January 2011


I have been meaning to do this for months and must first apologise for not getting round to it sooner. My first visit to The Smile Spa was almost one year ago now and I have no hesitation in saying what an excellent decision it turned out to be!

When I first arrived my teeth were in a bad way and my overall dental health was really poor. Over approx 10 years my teeth had detiorated and I was totally disillusioned and dissatisfied with dental treatment/care I had received elsewhere. Straight away I could see how professional and caring all staff at the Smile Spa were and after a treatment plan was set up the work got underway.

During the treatments I felt very at ease and was kept fully informed as to what stage I was at and what was happening next. Part way through the treatment plan it was necessary to make some adjustments to ensure I was following the best course of action whilst bearing in mind, long term benefits and costs. Everyone was very supportive, helpful and caring all the way through, The Smile Spa is a very friendly and professional outfit.

I would like to say an extra special thank-you to Simon, the end result of my Smile Makeover is totally fantastic! Before I got my ‘new’ smile I used to do everything possible to hide my teeth…now I can’t stop smiling and don’t even mind having my photo taken-in fact a close-up of my smile is just great!

I have had many a compliment about my new smile…’you look younger/healthier/happier’ and ‘wow!’, I agree with all of these and would recommend The Smile Spa without question.

So once again a BIG thank-you to ALL the team and I look forward to seeing you tomorrow for my next hygiene appointment.

All the best and lots of SMILES Alison x


20th January 2011

Dear Simon and Team, I just want to say a huge thank you for the wonderful dental work that I have received over the last 18 months. It has been an amazing experience and I still cannot get over the fact that I am now fully cured of my phobia of going to the dentist. I am so grateful and can’t thank you enough for your care and patience in helping me to overcome my fears. You have a wonderful team and very caring practice, and I will no longer dread the visit to the dentist! Thank you. Chris Robertson (a very grateful patient with a very satisfied smile!)

Chris Robertson

16th December 2010

af - narrow smile “I was always nervous of the dentists so when I was told that to fix my front teeth, there would be a lot of work, I accepted that, although secretly I really hated my teeth after been bullied as a child. I started coming to see Simon Andrews, and after a bit of routine work he asked if I had ever wanted to sort the front teeth. He explained what he could do and it seemed easier for Simon to sort than my previous dentists.

Still a nervous patient, I started the treatment, but with the skill and care from the team, the appointments were painless and its the best thing I ever did – money well spent!

My job involves regular public speaking in front of hundreds of people. I really believe that I would not be so confident had Simon not asked about corerecting my smile. I regularly have people comment on how beautiful my teeth are and I always tell them its thanks to the Smile Spa.” Ann, Middlesbrough.


13th December 2010

Samantha z “I just can’t stop smiling! I love my smile, absolutely love it. Thank you to everyone at The Smile Spa; Simon, Lycia, just everyone!  I can’t thank you all enough. This has given me so much more confidence, it’s brilliant!”

Sam, Hartlepool


10th December 2010

To Simon & the wonderful Smile Spa Team

Thank you so much for your skill, patience, and time, Love from Lyn