Personalised Smiles

direct composite veneersHaving gone through orthodontic treatment as a child, Lisa’s teeth relapsed into their previous position so she wanted to look at other options. Lisa chose to have direct composite veneers on her upper front six teeth and Smile Spa Premium teeth whitening. The result is a more even and brighter smile which has given Lisa more confidence.composite veneers 2This patient had composite veneers on her front teeth, but was unhappy with the appearance. Soon afterwards, she discovered the work of Dr Kim Taylor at The Smile Spa, who refitted composite veneers with a much more natural appearance.

old veneersDiane was concerned about her veneers, which were placed over 20 years ago at another practice, looking old. Her fear of dentists was extreme, but she battled through her anxiety attending every 6 months. At The Smile Spa, fear disappeared over the course of treatment which included, hygiene therapy and whitening before having 4 veneers placed on her upper front teeth.

personalised Jodie

The veneers used in this smile are made of composite material and were fitted in a single appointment in time for Jodie’s wedding. The composite is fitted over the existing tooth and is bonded and shaped to improve the smile.

ian personalised

This gentleman wanted to improve the appearance of his bridges, crowns and fillings whilst retaining a natural appearance. Dr Andrews replaced the bridges, crowns and fillings and placed veneers on his lower front teeth to create an even smile.