Overdentures can change lives


Ever wondered what can be done about loose dentures? Are you resigned to a life using fixatives or eating what you can not what you want?

There have been many advances in modern dentistry but the greatest life changing treatment by far is watching a denture patient’s confidence grow after having over dentures fitted.

Think of them as dentures secured with press studs, these small implants are fitted into the gum (under anaesthetic) and dentures are produced with matching press stud fittings. The result is the denture is now securely fitted in the patients mouth. No more worrying about eating or laughing in public, you’ll be able to eat what you want and even better, you’ll smile and feel so much happier.

Jane -overdenturesJane (pictured) had overdentures fitted at The Smile Spa. “My dentures used to slide about and I couldn’t eat anything. I was a shinking violet before, but now I’ll talk to anyone just so I can smile!” Jane can be heard on The Smile Spa’s new radio ads which are due to air soon.

Or visit http://www.thesmilespa.co.uk/testimonials-lis/ to watch Jane’s video.