No More Fear and Loathing of Dental treatment


Winston conquered his fear of the dentistAfter travelling all over the world through his work, Winston was fed up of the poor dentistry he had received. His fear of dentists was so bad that he couldn’t face a hygiene visit or examination, so his dental visits were emergencies only, to extract the problem tooth. Over the years, this resulted in a  number of gaps and subsequently, ill fitting dentures.

“It was the information I received which impressed me. I hadn’t realised dentistry had gone that far in technology to be honest and the reassurance from Samantha. So when I met Tim, the dentist, I was relaxed. I asked about the pain, and Tim said there would be no pain. He was right, it was amazing – no pain!”

Winston replaced his lower denture with an overdenture, which is a denture that is fitted with press stud like fittings onto dental implants. The stability of the denture means they act like natural teeth, improving function.

“And the best part? Well it’s changed my life. I hadn’t bitten an apple for over 20 years, now I can bite an apple, I can eat anything, no problem. I’m so pleased the result and the whole service has been fantastic.”

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