Loose, uncomfortable Dentures?


Sadly, we hear too often, that patients have struggled for years with their dentures. Ill fitting, loose and uncomfortable, dentures can really make life unpleasant. One lady even lost her dentures in a taxi after she’d taken them out because they were making her mouth so sore!

It’s sad to hear but also important that we let you know that it doesn’t have to be this way. Dentures can fit well, if they are made correctly.

At The Smile Spa, we have our own Clinical Dental Technician, a Denture craftsman, who ensures he achieves natural looking, perfect fitting dentures. Whether, it’s a partial denture or full denture, our dental technician, Chris Egan is one of the best.

chris eganChris is a member of BACDT, the British Association of Clinical Dental Technology, which consists of a cross-section of clinical dental technicians committed and contributing to the progression of the industry through leading by example. They have developed a charter to ensure that all patients receive high standard of clinical care.BACD charter

Chris works in partnership with our implant dentist, Dr Tim Doswell in cases where the patient would like extra security and confidence by securing the dentures with ‘press stud like’ implants. Between them, their dental engineering can be life changing.

Take a look at our testimonial page to see and hear what our patients say.

And if you would like a life changing experience, get in touch. We offer complimentary consultations, so you can find out more information without obligation.