Denture Myths


denture - norma jThere are many myths around dentures and here’s a few of them with the dental facts:

1. They won’t look like natural teeth!

The dental industry has taken great care to produce the most natural looking prosthetic teeth. They vary in size, shape and colour to enable the best possible match to your existing teeth and gums.

2. Only old people wear dentures!

While it’s true the longer our teeth have been in use the older we get, younger people are also susceptible to tooth loss. Injury, illness or tooth decay may require a denture or partial denture replacement.

3. They’ll always fit!

Dentures are designed to give the best possible fit and if looked after, they can last a long time. Your mouth, however, will change shape over time with age, so regular checks are needed to ensure your dentures fit correctly.

If you start to experience sore spots, it’s important to tell your dentist as it may be caused by your dentures coming loose.

4. You won’t be able to eat or speak clearly with dentures!

It is normal to experience a settling in period when using new dentures, but it doesn’t take long to adapt and you will experience greater confidence from the improved fit.

5. They’re just for meal times!

Dentures are much more than an aid to eating a balanced diet, they can also protect your gums, when worn correctly and help with speech problems. Facial features can also be restored, filling out cheeks which have sunken due to tooth loss and even removing wrinkles around the mouth. Most commonly, great fitting, natural dentures improve your confidence in social situations.

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