Dental implants The Facts by Dr. Tim Doswell


Dr Tim DoswellHaving placed over 2000 dental implants there becomes a common thread of questions that patients generally ask at their consultation. I hope to answer those questions here and dispel any fears that you may have about this life changing dental treatment.

1. How much will it cost?

The most common question but the most difficult to answer as every patient is different. A single  dental implant including the final crown starts from £1595, however gum health treatment, to improve foundations or a material to bulk out the jaw bone maybe necessary to ensure the success of the implant. A specialist x-ray will help determine if other treatment is required.

2. How long does treatment take?

On average treatment is over a 4 month period.

Book a free implant consultation3. Does it hurt?

No, during the procedure there will be a little pressure but no pain as we use a local anaesthetic. Afterwards you may experience a little bruising or swelling and possibly some discomfort, but recovery is usually straightforward. For really anxious patients we do offer sedation.

4. Will I need to take time off work?

No, the placement is carried out under just local anaesthetic, so you will be fine to go to work after the appointment or the next day, as long as you are not doing too much physical exercise. However, if we use sedation, you will need the next day off work.

5. Will I be left with a space?

Not if you prefer to have it replaced. We can replace the gap with a temporary denture or temporary bridge, depending on the individual case and preference.

6. Are you qualified to place implants?

I am a full time implant dentist, so implants are all I do. I was awarded an advanced diploma in implant dentistry by the Royal College of Surgeons in London at the end of 2010.

7. How successful are dental implants?

We do have a full mouth dental health policy, which means we will not place an implant into an unhealthy mouth. This is to ensure that the implant will be a success and which is why our success rate is 98%.

8. How successful are dental implants?

Evidence shows that of dental implants placed 10 years ago 95% continue to be successful. Regular hygiene maintenance and annual reviews could help to prolong the life span of the implant.

9. What is the implant made of?

The implant itself is made of titanium, which is placed into the jaw bone to act like a natural tooth root.

10. Can I fly after treatment?

You can fly around a week after having your implant placed. If however, you have had sinus graft surgery you should not fly for 1 month.

One lasting thought. Every patient I have treated, said they wished they had had a dental implant earlier. I really love my job!