Missing Teeth

missing teeth 6


Adam had teeth which hadn’t erupted properly. The teeth were extracted and dental implants fitted. Porcelain veneers were fitted on his front teeth to create a full, even smile

missing teeth 5


Denise had a gappy smile with missing teeth.over the years she mastered the art of smiling without showing her teeth. After her smile makeover which consisted of veneers and bridges, Denise is delighted that she has the confidence to smile without thinking.

It’s been 5 years since Denise had her makeover and she still receives compliments on her beautiful smile.


Barbara -implants and veneers

Barbara had a number of missing teeth and a large diastema (gap between her upper front teeth). As the top right image shows, Barbara had a fixed bridge placed using dental implants, in addition to 10 veneers and onlays to restore her smile. Barbara now has a wider, more confident smile as she shows her beautiful teeth.

cdm teeth(1)

Kevin was a very anxious patient, due to previous dental experiences. As a consequence of his dental fear, his oral health was in a poor condition. Missing and rotting teeth were the main concern. Kevin had some root canal treatment and extractions on teeth which couldn’t be saved. A course of teeth whitening and porcelain veneers created a uniform smile whilst 2 implants filled the gaps.

This is a fantastic result, even though Kevin was really nervous he had the treatment without sedation.

missing 3

This gentleman had a dental implant fitted to replace a missing tooth. The craftsmanship of the crown is outstanding as it blends with his existing teeth.