Gummy Smile

Gummy 5

This lady’s confidence was greatly affected by her gummy smile. Treatment consisted of gum recontouring, implants and porcelain veneers. At the end of treatment the patient was delighted with the results, even describing the team as ‘miracle workers’!

gummy 1

A narrow, gummy smile and poor crowns caused a lack of smile confidence. Simon fitted ten veneers and crowns, whilst aesthetic gum contouring finished this beautiful smile.

gummy 2

This patient had set a date for her wedding and wanted a smile which sparkled on her big day. The upper teeth had laser contouring and porcelain veneers to produce an attractive, straight white smile.

gummy 3

A straighter gum line was on this patient’s wish list. After correcting her bite pattern, Simon set to work contouring the gum line and placing porcelain veneers to create this lovely, confident smile.

gummy smile

This patient wanted to reduce the amount of gum visibilty. Using a process of recontouring the gums and veneers, a much more even smile was created.