Gappy Smile

before and after 2Anita was born with two missing upper front teeth, (incisors) which is not uncommon. As a result her eye teeth (canines) drifted into the resulting gaps. Anita also suffered from a lot of superficial staining which had built up on her teeth over a long period of time. By sorting out her gum health and giving Anita veneers and a bridge we created a smile that we are all very proud of.

composite smileJosie had a tight deadline as she was going abroad. She chose composite veneers to improve her smile. Josie says, ‘I feel so much more confident, happier and my actual age! Being conscious of my smile made me feel older, but I have keep looking in the mirror! I’m so pleased.

Invisalign full face

‘Kathleen was delighted with her Invisalign treatment. After 12 months of wearing her aligners Kathleen says, “I would happily recommend it to others considering treatment. It’s not an instant treatment so it does require good motivation but the end results do justify the effort!”gappy replacement

Michaela really hated her the shape and position of her teeth. Although we recommended orthodontic treatment, Michaela was clear she wanted veneers change the shape of the teeth too.

Her upper teeth 5-5 had porcelain veneers placed to give Michaela the smile she’d always wanted.

gappy 5

This bride to be wasn’t happy with her smile. She wanted a natural looking, beautiful smile which Dr Andrews achieved using porcelain veneers. Teeth whitening and hygiene therapy improved the lower teeth.

gappy 4

Rob wanted a smooth and even smile for his wedding. Dr Andrews placed veneers on his upper teeth for a confident smile on his big day.

gappy 3

Anthony wanted a natural, even looking smile. He had veneers placed on his upper teeth 6-6.

Anthony says,’ I can’t praise the team enough, enough, the difference is amazing.The whole process was so relaxed and friendly.’

gappy 1

Sarah was concerned by the gap between her front teeth and the straightness of her upper front teeth. A full set of upper veneers fitted by Simon produced this stunning smile.gappy 2

The front teeth were extracted and replaced with a partial denture. A number of veneers were used to provide a bright, uniformed smile.