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Do you eat the food you choose or eat the food you have to?

Dentures should fit comfortably and provide functionality. If your dentures are loose, uncomfortable or make you self conscious then you should see Chris Egan at The Smile Spa .

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chris eganA complimentary personal consultation with Chris is time well spent. Chris will carefully assess your individual needs and by explaining the denture options that are right for you and the technical procedures involved, will help you make an informed choice about the treatments available.

“Chris was fantastic, we’re like old friends now and my dentures have never looked and fitted so good! Thank you!” – Mrs Bentley

The Smile Spa Denture Services
Complete dentures

A complete or full denture to replace all the lost natural teeth and adjacent tissues in either the upper or lower jaw. As well as restoring sunken features especially around the mouth, lips and cheeks, our Smile Spa complete dentures will help you eat well, speak more clearly and look younger.

Denture - Carol F_510x169

This patient was unhappy with her dentures on the left. Within in weeks Chris had produced a full set of new dentures (pictured right) which fit great and looked fantastic, resulting in a very happy patient.

denture - norma j Nina really wanted to feel confident in her smile. Her old dentures didn’t fit properly and she wasn’t confident when eating in public.  Chris created a full set of upper and lower dentures and has given Nina back her confidence and a fabulous smile.


Partial dentures

partial denture_250x166A  partial denture is for patients who require a number of  replacement teeth for functional or aesthetic reasons, and who cannot have a bridge due to limited supporting teeth. The partial denture is produced using acrylic material or a mixture of acrylic and chrome.

Implant retained dentures – All on 4 – Overdentures

overdentures -janeWorking with Dr Tim Doswell, the Smile Spa implant clinician, Chris produces dentures which are secured using implants. Implant retained dentures, or overdentures as they are often called, provide patients with confidence in their smile and excellent functionality when eating. So no need to worry about what you can eat, the choice is yours!

Immediate dentures

Immediate dentures are fitted on the same day as the tooth extraction. The most obvious benefit of a partial or full immediate dentures, is that you will never appear in public without teeth. Immediate dentures ensure your mouth functions as normal, enabling you to chew food and minimise facial distortion which can occur over time when teeth are removed.

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