before and afterSimply replacing her old crowns, this lady has transformed her smile.

replacement crown

Maureen hadn’t been to the dentist for over 20 years due to her fear. She wanted her old central crown replaced and her teeth cleaned. After a thorough examination, Maureen had her crown replaced with a porcelain crown and some small fillings which freshen up her smile.

crowns 3

This lady was concerned about the wear on her lower teeth and old dentistry in her mouth. After a consultation with Dr Andrews, new bridges and crowns were fitted and her was bite corrected to reduce the wear on her lower teeth.

crowns 2

This gentleman wanted to replace his old crowns. Periodontal therapy was carried out to ensure optimum oral health before his new crowns were replaced, increasing his confidence.

Crowns and uneven

Anne was unhappy with her uneven smile and old crowns. Dr Andrews prescribed hygiene visits to ensure optimum oral health before placing 10, 5 star porcelain veneers. Anne says, ‘It’s the best thing I’ve ever done!’

Alison crowns

Alison’s crowns were starting to look tired and dated, so Dr Andrews brightened her smile with new crowns, 2 veneers and gum contouring.

crowns 1

Simply by replacing old, worn crowns this patient’s smile has been revived.

crowns smile

This gentleman had his old crowns (Upper left and Right) replaced. Gum contouring raised the gum line and veneers straightened the smile. In spa and at home whitening polished off this dazzling smile.

Mary (julie) crown

This lady was unhappy with the crowns on her front two teeth.