Crooked and Uneven Smile

before and after fastbraces
Fastbraces transformed this lady’s smile.

before and after

Invisible braces and composite bonding have transformed this gentleman’s smile and confidence.

Crooked teeth straightened with orthodontic treatment and veneers

After orthodontic treatment had widened and evened her smile, this lady had 3 veneers and a new crown placed on her upper front teeth. She now has a beautiful, confident smile.

crooked 12

Invisalign aligners straightened this patient’s smile.

uneven 3

This lady really thought long and hard about having an upper smile makeover and shopped around for quotes. She was more confident in our approach and had replacement crowns and bridges to even and brighten her smile.

crooked 10

Having had orthodontic treatment when she was younger this lovely lady was still disappointed with the position of her front teeth.

To achieve the smile of her dreams, she opted to have upper veneers and lower whitening.

crooked 9

The upper front teeth really affected this lady’s smile confidence. After driving past on the A66, she decided to book a consultation. As the patient did not want to use orthodontic treatment, Dr Andrews placed 5 porcelain veneers on the upper teeth to straighten her smile.

james - crooked

Crooked teeth have always been a major issue for James. His crooked smile was replaced by porcelain veneers on upper teeth 5-5. James says, “This is the Best thing I’ve ever done!”

crooked 6

Carol was delighted with her smile makeover. Focusing on her smile line, Carole wanted her upper teeth straight and even. Dr Andrews used porcelain veneers to produce this beautiful smile.

crooked 7

This gentleman hated the shaped of his teeth and the colour of his smile. Working a lot in America made him more self conscious about his smile.

Dr Andrews placed 10 upper and 8 lower porcelain veneers to create this stunning smile and a happy patient. The veneers were placed 6 years ago, the After shot was taken this year (2011) and they look as good as now as they did when they were first placed.

crooked 5

This lady wanted an even smile and her old crowns replacing. Treatment consisted of 3 new crowns, gum contouring and teeth whitening producing this stunning smile.

crooked 1

Severe crowding, twisted and poor shaped teeth meant this patient rarely showed her teeth when she should. After wearing braces and having 10 veneers she now shows a beautiful set of teeth every time she laughs or smiles.

crooked 3

Anna was really conscious of her smile, disliking the crooked appearance. Porcelain veneers were fitted on the upper front 10 and lower front 10 teeth, creating a sparkling smile. In the process Anna remarked upon how much more confident she was when meeting people.

crooked 4

The appearance of an uneven smile line caused concern for Frank. A straight, Hollywood smile was produced using porcelain veneers on both upper and lower teeth.

crooked smile

Porcelain veneers were used to adjust the upper arch and create a fuller, straighter smile.

crooked teeth 8

Sarah was not happy with the shape of her central teeth and wanted an even smile. Dr Andrews placed 10 veneers on the upper teeth to create her fabulous smile.