Award Winning Smiles


Anna was really conscious of her smile, disliking the crooked appearance. Porcelain veneers were fitted on the upper front 10 and lower front 10 teeth, creating a sparkling smile. In the process Anna remarked upon how much more confident she was when meeting people. Anna’s smile also won Simon a runner up prize at Private Dentistry Best Smile Makeover UK in 2007.


Sarah was concerned by the gap between her front teeth and the straightness of her upper front teeth. A full set of upper veneers produced this stunning smile.

Sarah’s smile won runner-up prize for Best Aesthetic Technician who created her veneers at the Smile Awards 2009.

gappy smile

With 2 missing teeth and spacing between the upper teeth, Sarah really lacked smile confidence. Simon created a beautifully classic smile using porcelain veneers which placed the teeth in a uniformed design.

Simon’s work won Best Smile Makeover UK in the 2006 Private Dentistry Awards.


Small, twisted teeth with a gap at the side were transformed into a beautiful smile with 10 veneers. Dawn’s smile reached the finals in Private Dentistry’s Best Smile Makeover UK in 2008.

Dr Simon Andrews has not submitted any clinical work in the past few years as he is a judge at

The Smile Awards.