Dr David R Summers CSci CChem FRSC

It is many a long year since I have felt compelled to write a positive testimonial related to any service I have received, so it is a most pleasant change to be able to do so now. As a result of a prolonged period of severe dental problems resulting in a number of tooth extractions, the installation of dental implants presented itself as the only viable solution to restore a life where eating normally was once again a real possibility. From the moment I contacted The Smile Spa until the conclusion of the procedures I experienced the highest level of professionalism and courtesy. All staff members I encountered were more than helpful, accommodating and succeeded in creating a calm and friendly atmosphere. Mr Doswell and the nurses who aided him always operated as an effective team and conducted their work in a relaxed but reassuring manner . The technical standard of dental surgery and care were in my opinion second to none: in fact I can say without doubt that I have found simple tooth fillings more arduous than having my dental implants fitted! In addition, time was always made available for my questions and their explanations, and at no time did I feel ‘rushed’ or under any artificial time constraint. All- in- all an excellent experience, excellent work and an excellent result.
t is many a long year since I have felt compelled to write a