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trt-page-Same -day-teeth The Smile Spa is excited to welcome a revolutionary technique within Implant Technology allowing new teeth to be fitted in as little as just one day!

Same Day Teeth

Through the use of a minimum 4 implants you can have a whole new smile, completed in just one day. Same day teeth eliminates the need for ill-fitting dentures as teeth are fitted immediately onto the implants, removing the temporary stage.

The implants are strategically placed in areas of the jaw where bone is denser and stronger; because of the need for solid foundations the 4 dental implants can only be used in the lower jaw, where as at least 6 dental implants are needed for the upper jaw.

The use of a minimum 4 dental implants allows the bridge to be fixed and treatment completed in just one day. The bridges used on Same Day Teeth implants are extremely durable with patients able to treat them like natural teeth.

The teeth which are fitted on the day of surgery are replaced 3 months later to ensure a more predictable result.

Here at the Smile Spa we pride ourselves on the quality of care given, which is why we offer free consultations for prospective Same Day Teeth patients. Dr Tim Doswell, who has extensive experience in dental implants, lecturing across the UK, carries out consultations assessing various criteria.

Same Day Teeth offer:
  • Long-lasting, non-removable teeth in just one day.
  • Provides long-term comfort
  • Immediate and fully functioning set of beautiful teeth.
  • No more denture adhesives
  • Most importantly confidence in your smile