Denture wearers set for some comfort




For many people who have been wearing the same dentures for sometime, the teeth become worn, their appearance suffers and managing to eat or talk confidently can become a problem. The reason is not always a result of the dentures themselves, but more so the shape of the person’s mouth. Over time the mouth will change shape, so a denture which fits perfectly at first, may start to feel loose, or worse
become uncomfortable.

Clinical Dental Technician Chris Egan of The Smile Spa, sees this problem often.


“Having unattractive, painful, loose or uncomfortable dentures can have a massive impact on a person’s wellbeing, often they become withdrawn, unwilling to eat out with friends or family for fear of their dentures letting them down,” says Chris.
“I have over 30 years experience treating patients in dental practices and crafting their dentures myself in my specialist laboratory, this allows me to provide bespoke dentures to ensure an optimum fit, but also a natural appearance too. For some patients, having new dentures can be a life changing experience as their self-confidence increases. I really enjoy being able to help our patients. The most important thing to the team at The Smile Spa, is seeing our patients leave at the end of their treatment with their old self esteem restored.”

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