Skin Clinic

As part of our advanced dental practice we also offer a range of skin treatments with the nationally renowned Dr Christy Chou.

Does it catch on jewellery? Stop you wearing certain clothes? Or is it simply a nuisance? 

If you have a mole, cyst, skin tag or blemish it can make you feel very self conscious. We are proud to offer a service to help alleviate these problems and offer peace of mind with Dr Chou who is a skin surgeon specialising in the safe and pain-free removal of unsightly or annoying moles, cysts and any skin blemish. 

The treatments on offer through our skin clinic centre around non-NHS removal of benign lesions such as moles, cysts, skin tags, lumps and blemishes etc. This is an area which your GP will often now only be able to recommend private treatment as a solution.

Rest assured that at the Smile Spa you are in very safe hands as Dr Christy Chou has worked as a specialist skin surgeon for the County Durham and Darlington Foundation Trust as well as the University Hospital of Durham and the Darlington Memorial Hospital. Dr Chou has been a skin surgeon for over 20 years and is also a member of the Royal College of Surgeons for his work in plastic surgery.

Your initial consultation will be with Christy himself which incurs a small fee of £30 to cover his time and expert diagnosis and advice, which is deducted off treatment should you go ahead with a procedure. All patients are usually then treated within a month-often less! 

So don't suffer in silence get in touch today if you have any unwanted skin blemishes which could benefit from our attention.

Patient Testimonial:

" I have just seen Christy Chou, our consultant skin surgeon to have a couple of skin lesions removed from my upper lip and near my eyebrow. The trouble with getting older is things seem to appear that didn't use to be there! Anyway Christy did an incredibly thorough  (and painfree) job. He also reassured me that there was nothing nasty going on and that the lesions were simply where the skin was thickening over time, which would only get larger and darker ( no thank you!). After the procedure these lesions have now gone and there was simply a small scab for a couple of months, hence I welcomed back my beard! The area was slightly red for a few weeks but this gradually disappeared considerably. Christy showed great expertise and was very friendly with a calm approach and I am delighted to have it it done."

Dr Simon Andrews

Before: Skin lesion below nose                                     After: Day 1 scar which soon disappeared

Patient Testimonial:

" I saw Dr Chou to have two small lesions removed off the end of my nose and just above my lip. I couldn't believe how quick and easy the whole process was and the scaring was nothing just like a dark red mark that I could cover with makeup until the scab fell off about a week after the surgery. Well worth getting it done as they always drove me mad before!"

Nuala, Middlesbrough.

Before: Two skin lesions                                                 After: Minor scars on day 5 post treatment


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