Beautiful skin starts with your skincare routine and high quality products.

Medik8® is an award-winning global skincare brand sold exclusively by skincare experts, pioneering the trend for results-based products.

The Medik8® foundations are deep-rooted in science with products specifically formulated to target skin ageing, acne, redness, pigmentation and dryness. Their unique approach earns Medik8® recommendations from leading doctors, dermatologists, nurses and therapists around the world.

For a skin prescription tailored to you, please ask for a free initial consultation with Dr Hunter.

Medik8 Skin Peels

Dr Susan Hunter can select and perform skin peels to treat problem skins – acne, dryness, fine lines and pigmentation to help strip away dead skin and reveal bright fresh skin. This also enables the Medik8® products to have their maximum effects.

Peel Case Study

Follow the below patient diary of our Medik8 Peel to find out what you can expect at every stage of treatment.

At home preparations -2 weeks before treatment

Morning serum – vitamin C is applied to the face daily each morning.

Evening serum – Apply for 2 nights only during the first week and then every other night during the second week.

" I didn’t really notice a big difference during the home preparations but was advised that this primes the skin for the peel and gets the PH at the right level so real results aren't expected until the treatment in clinic"


Start of Clinic treatment

" I was advised not to remove my own make up with face wipes on the day of treatment to allow for the best results."

Suzie removes make up with a gentle warm water solution at the start of the treatment before cleansing the skin and adding more warm water to remove it.

During Clinic treatment

Suzie brushes on the peel solution and I was advised patients can feel a stinging sensation at this stage.

At first it felt like hot stings for what felt like a minute but Suzie avoided the spot that I have (hormonal). This sensation kind of plateaus after a minute or so and it doesn’t feel painful.  For the first session Suzie advises not to leave the peel on for more than 3 mins and this was timed, asking how it was feeling every 30 seconds.

At 3 mins, Suzie sprays a solution onto the face and then wipes it off.

A mask if placed over the face and smoothed out. Any remaining solution in the pack is placed over the skin and I noticed that certain areas were sucking up the cream. This felt really soothing and very relaxing whilst I laid there for about 15 mins.

Different creams are then applied to help with the soothing including a sunscreen protection.


Immediately after treatment

After the 35 minute treatment my skin is glowing and looks much more smoothed already.

The skin is not red all over as I had worried but only showing a few slight red patches all of which had disappeared five minutes later.

My skin appears smooth, glowing, taught and anormal colour .

“I feel I have the skin of a 20 year old”

Suzie recommends 3-4 peels one week apart to optimise results.

However there are different peels for different problems and this was a ‘light peel’.

The evening following treatment

"During the first 24 hours following treatment my skin felt tight (as in young) and it looked fresher. I still applied the serums as per Suzie's advice and have now added a new one to use as part of my bedtime skincare routine."


Post Treatment

" My face felt warmer when I went into a warm room, but otherwise, no noticeable redness."

By day three following treatment – there was a very slight sloughing of skin on the nose, but nothing noticeable at all.

I am really thrilled with the end results and would recommend to anyone to give it a go. The whole process was very straight-forward!