The Smile Spa joins Bridge2Aid Campaign


We joined the Unity Partnership because we wanted to show our support for the great work the charity Bridge2Aid does in Tanzania. The Unity Partnership involves a select group of dental practices and businesses recognised by Bridge2Aid for their support of the dental training of a Tanzanian Clinical Officer.

bridge2aid logoThe Partnership is a perfect way for us to be involved in this work; we sponsor the training of a local Tanzanian health worker in emergency dentistry through Bridge2Aid’s Dental Volunteer Programme. During this unique, well-established ten day programme, volunteer UK dentists work on a one-to-one basis with a local Clinical Officer delivering an effective, proven, programme of training in emergency dentistry. The Clinical Officer goes on to work in their local community treating thousands of people who would otherwise have no access to dental care, providing vital relief from pain.

As a Practice, we want to be involved in helping others around us – in our local community and in the wider world. So we have committed to raising money towards the cost of training one Clinical Officer, and we get to hear how they are getting on.

The staff team here are doing various fundraising events, and we hope that our patients will join in too. Stay in touch if you’d like to hear news about our fundraising efforts and social events, or to hear about the progress made by ‘our’ Clinical Officer

Visit the Unity partnership website –  or the general Bridge2Aid website ( for more information about the work they do.