The Dinky Diva with the Big Smile


Annette Wardell, dubbed by the British Press as the “Dinky Diva” or the “Kylie of Opera”, regularly delights celebrities with her unique talent, however it was the turn of the award winning Smile Spa team and treatment from Dr Andrews in particular, which has delighted her.

annette wardellAnnette had noticed her crowns were not looking their best and spoke to her own dentist about having them replaced. Her dentist was happy to do the work but recommended that she came to see Dr Andrews at The Smile Spa as he ‘will do a fantastic job’.

So Annette came along to the Smile Spa to meet Dr Andrews and the team. ‘Everyone has been fantastic. I’ve been travelling up from London to have my treatment which has worked well as I can also visit my family too.

Being a singer, people do notice my teeth and I was aware my crowns had past their best. But I am so confident of my smile now. People tell me how beautiful they are and it’s all down to Simon and the team. Thank you so much!”

To hear Annette’s fabulous voice visit her website