New addition to the Team


We are delighted to announce a new addition to the Smile Spa team in the form of the latest technology CT Scanner.

CT Scanner arrival

A CT scan (which stands for Computered Tomograph) which is a computer processed x-ray which produces 3D sectional images of the mouth.

The CT scanner will ensure that our dentists have the clearest view possible of your mouth, as well as the underlying bone and tissue in the general area. An x-ray of the mouth may still be taken, but the view that an x-ray gives will not be as clear compared to the images that a dental CT scan can take. Dental CT scans are most commonly used as a preparation for dental implant treatments. A CT Scan is used to help:

  • Planning implant cases
  • Removal of impacted wisdom teeth
  • Complicated root canal treatments

The introduction of the CT scanner helps us to deliver complicated treatments with greater predictability.

We also happy to receive referrals from dentists in the area who wish to plan complex treatment with greater precision.