Just like natural teeth


If you suffer with missing or loose teeth, The Smile Spa are starting a TV campaign next week to promote the options available.

At The Smile Spa we believe in ensuring that patients are fully informed of all the options available to them. And more often patients are saying they had never heard of dental implants or implant secured dentures.

Chris Egan, The Smile Spa Denture Technician, commented, “More and more patients come in for a free consultation and say, ‘I wish I could just clip my dentures in’ and they are suprised to hear that they can! So the TV advert is an awareness campaign to promote the options available.”

Tim Doswell, Implant Surgeon added,”Dental implants can also replace individual teeth. Patients are amazed that they can do things, like bite into an apple, without fear of their teeth failing out.”

The new Smile Spa TV advert will be aired the final week of January and features Smile Spa patients Jane and Ian.