Causes of headaches


Headaches can occur for so many different reasons varying from simple dehydration to complex and more sinister issues. However, one of the most commonly known causes of headaches are from referred pain in the jaw or a trapped nerve in the upper vertebrae of the spine.

The majority of tension headaches are due to poor posture resulting in referred pain into the back of the head. If poor posture isn’t corrected, over a relatively short period of time these headaches can easily progress resulting in blurred vision and dizziness. 

Stress can also be a contributing factor to headaches, those who grind their teeth or have a clenched jaw due to being tense and anxious can cause a dysfunction with the jaw joint, which is closely controlled by a muscle in the neck that which will often spasm and tighten.

So what can we do about these types of headaches?

Firstly it is crucial to discover the cause of the headache, once you know this you can start to look for ways to correct the situation.

Patients with headaches caused by teeth grinding can be treated by having their bite pattern (occlusion) corrected by a trained dentist. Dr Simon Andrews is a member of the British Society of Occlusal Studies and Dr Kim Taylor who has a master degree in Restorative Dentistry, undertake this type of dental care. You can also visit the BSOS website to find out more information.

Tackling stress is one of the most obvious solutions and there are a vast array of exercises that can be carried out and pressure points around the neck area that can also help alleviate symptoms from a stress related headache.

If the headache originates from poor posture this is a much easier fix.  During our daily routines we tend to adopt the same posture for over long periods of time.  A simple work place assessment of your daily posture can identify any issues then changes in equipment and / or layout can make a huge difference.

At Body 2 Fit we are able to give you professional advice whether you’re looking for a Physiotherapist, a Pilates class, a work place assessment or a Personal Trainer.

Guest article by:  Hirsch Taylor BSc ACPOH MCSP, (Senior Physiotherapist) Body 2 Fit

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