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With Fastbraces® Technology, patients can now achieve results often with less sensitivity, in about a year, and in some instances, just 3 months.

The patented triangular bracket in the Fastbraces® Technology gently allows for movement of the crown and the root of the teeth at the same time with no extra risk for the patient.

fastbraces diagram

Fastbraces® typically works with just one orthodontic wire from start to finish, whereas old braces usually require a series of wires and tightening procedures. Fastbraces® Technology uses a special square super-elastic nickel-titanium wire which is activated by the heat of the mouth. This dynamic wire helps upright the whole tooth using the natural temperature of the mouth in just one stage, safely and comfortably.

As Fastbraces moves both the root and the tooth at the same time, there is greater stability after treatment with retention only required for a minimum of 15 minutes per day.

Here are some examples of what can be achieved:

before and after fastbraces