Discoloured Smile

discoloured 10This patient was unhappy with her existing front crown and colour of the teeth. A replacement crown and Smile Spa Premium Plus teeth whitening have really enhanced her smile.

Discoloured smile with composite veneers

This patient disliked the gaps in her upper teeth and the mottling caused by fluoride in the local water. A course of teeth whitening evened out the colouring whilst no prep composite veneers where placed on her front 6 teeth to even the smile and remove the gaps.discoloured 6

Paula disliked her discoloured and uneven smile. After a consultation with Dr Andrews, Paula choose to have porcelain veneers fitted on her upper teeth and says it the best thing she ever did.

crooked 2

Discoloured and Uneven teeth were a major issue for this patient. She opted for porcelain veneers on both upper and lower teeth, to create a perfect ‘Hollywood Smile.’

discoloured 1

Sue wanted to remove the discolouration from her teeth and achieve a smooth smile line. Simon used porcelain veneers to create an attractive smile.

discoloured 2

Old crowns and worn teeth added to the distress of discolouration. This lady had the crowns replaced, upper and lower veneers added and a dental implant to complete this stunning revived smile.